Trust building through social media conversations

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  1. 1. Cilian Fennell Cilian Fennell is one of Irelands leading communications consultants and strategic advisors. For 20 years he has worked with some of the worlds leading organisations, training and coaching their senior leaders to become more effective and engaging communicators. As a Media Trainer, Leadership Coach and Crisis Communications consultant, he works with individuals and teams across all industries, helping them define and communicate their message effectively across all platforms. Recognised for his use of storytelling and narrative strategy, Cilian is an advisor to Irelands leading political, business and media figures and has clients in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In previous careers, Cilian was a fisherman, a comedy promoter and Producer of The Late Late Show with Gay Byrne. He is co-founder and Director of the award-winning company, Stillwater Communications. Stillwater Communications is the Communications Lead on EU Project Slndil which aims to understand how social media can better inform emergency responses to natural disasters.
  2. 2. TRUST BUILDING Through Social Media Communications Cilian Fennell Business Continuity Institute Tuesday 12th May 2015
  3. 3. Stillwater Communications 2015 TRUST IS AT AN ALL-TIME LOW Only 48% trust Government, Business, Media 60% of countries distrust the media Italy 48% Germany 45% UK- 38% Ireland 34% Indonesia- 80% UAE 79% China 77% Singapore 70% Media Trust
  4. 4. Only 48% trust Government, Business, Media & NGOs 60% of countries distrust the media Stillwater Communications 2015 TRUST IN TRADITIONAL MEDIA
  5. 5. New York Blizzard
  6. 6. *Source NUI Galway Stillwater Communications 2015 TRUST IN SOCIAL MEDIA They all use, but very few trust...
  7. 7. WHO DO WE TRUST?
  8. 8. Stillwater Communications 2013 SITESERV Denis OBrien Newstalk Blogs/ Social Media RT FF Catherine Murphy INM Fine Gael Stillwater Communications 2014
  9. 9. Stillwater Communications 2015 COMMUNICATION Traditional Media Social Media Formal Informal Serious Can be more playful Knowledge Emotion Timed Immediate One Way Conversation Paid Free Event Driven Relationship Driven
  10. 10. Stillwater Communications 2015 BAD SOCIAL MEDIA
  11. 11. Stillwater Communications 2015 GAINING FOLLOWERS IN PEACE-TIME AN GARDA SIOCHANA
  12. 12. Stillwater Communications 2015 HOW SHOULD A COMPANY BEHAVE DURING A CRISIS - ESB Advance planning Crisis communications plan in place Content templates, establish single content source (press release) Different channels used to spread message
  13. 13. Stillwater Communications 2015 ESB- MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGY
  14. 14. Stillwater Communications 2015 ESB- TWITTER
  15. 15. Building Trust with Social Media Post consistently Its a conversation! Show your spirit Be transparent Care about something
  16. 16. Stillwater Communications 2015 Have a Plan Centralise Comms CEO Leads No vacuum Review and Learn THE STEPS TO MANAGING A CRISIS
  17. 17. Stillwater Communications 2015 What? When? Where? Who? INFORMATION TO CONVEY 1. What has happened?
  18. 18. Stillwater Communications 2015 Who and what affected and how? Effect on the public road closures, lack of availability, etc. 2. Whats the effect of what happened
  19. 19. Stillwater Communications 2015 Product recovery Investigations Notifying 3. What is being done?
  20. 20. Stillwater Communications 2015 Website Emergency number Relief agencies Next update 4. Where and when will more info be available?
  21. 21. Stillwater Communications 2015 Its not just social media Have an online strategy Social media is immediate In a crisis, traditional wins Relationship, accuracy and experience 5 POINTS?