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Capture the possibilities with the new Capture System. Its clean lines, crisp details, smart storage, and modern design make it ideal for today's work environments. Easy to design, install, reconfigure, and own, you'll appreciate all the Capture System has to offer!


  • 1. Capture System >
  • 2. CaptureTM the Possibilities!
  • 3. Modern Design > Universal design that integrates beautifully with any interior Coordinates with other Trendway products Harmonizes with architectural environments
  • 4. Clean & Refined Design >
  • 5. Design Details That Deliver Slim, architectural, Designer Shelf >
  • 6. Modern, Architectural Aesthetic Its 2.6 thickness and 5 high base raceway height offer an architectural presence Clean, aluminum trim for an attractive and sleek aesthetic >
  • 7. CaptureTM Attention
  • 8. All the essentials done well > Strong and beautiful frames Sleek aluminum top trim Smart and efficient storage Broad surface material selection
  • 9. >Smart Design Greater efficiencies with intelligent design via dual sided storage
  • 10. CaptureTM Performance
  • 11. Effortless Integration > Extensive solutions through panels, storage, screen, and power options Complements both steel and laminate storage options Expansive color palette Blends effortlessly with other Trendway products
  • 12. Capture Delivers on All Fronts
  • 13. Supports all existing Trendway laminate storage pulls Integrates with Trig Legs >Exceptional Form & Function
  • 14. Volo Wall Choices Table Laminate Storage Worksurface support options >Expanded Application Breadth
  • 15. CaptureTM Teamwork
  • 16. Accommodates Real Needs of Users Today Integrates with Pack Steel Storage Lighter scale achieved with the Capture P-Leg Low panel height for visual access to peers Glass stackers for daylight & views >
  • 17. Create The Spaces You Need > Low panels, supporting daylight & views Concentrative spaces with greater privacy Access to power at work surface level or base raceway Wide range of applications
  • 18. For Todays Work Environments >
  • 19. CaptureTM The Details
  • 20. Easy in Every Way > Access to power at work surface level Pinnable Fabric, Steel, and Markerboard tiles can be quickly changed out without tools* Substantially faster moves, adds, and changes Slatwall worktools hang on tool rail *Laminate tiles coming in 2014
  • 21. Easy To Use Power where users need it New Laminate Capture Storage Elements offer secure storage for users Worksurface support options for lighter scale aesthetic >
  • 22. >Easy To Install & Reconfigure Tiles quickly and firmly click into position no tools required
  • 23. Steel & Marker Board tiles allow vertical surfaces to work harder. Slatwall & Work Tools support user needs while freeing up the work surface Capture panels can integrate seamlessly with existing walls and columns. Tiles easily and firmly click into position no tools required. Aluminum trim reflects a clean and streamlined aesthetic. And Glass Stackers ensure daylight and views for users Hanging Designer Shelves provide extra storage with a minimalist approach. Power & data location at the base raceway & beltline provide options for quick touchdowns and on-the-go workers With U and P-Leg options, Capture delivers design choices beyond end panels. Easy to Own
  • 24. Easy to Personalize
  • 25. Easy to Work Slatwall with work tools keep the primary surface clear and accessible Note: worktools available in Smoke or Frost
  • 26. Environmental Stewardship > Zero waste to landfill facility CarbonNeutral certified company *We will be pursuing BIFMA level for the Capture system in 2014.
  • 27. CaptureTM Now Orderable
  • 28. > Thank You. We are exploring the addition of the Capture System to GSA in 2014.