Top reasons why you may need a dwai attorney in denver

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Denver DUI Attorney Steven Pisani is a criminal defense Lawyer who Offer Traffic Defense Attorney the state of Colorado including Northglenn and Denver.


  • 1. Top reasons why you may need a DWAI attorney in Denver Summary: DUI offenses are difficult to handle for civilians since not many are aware of the rules and regulations which determine how deep the problem is. Like most other states in the United States, it is an act of crime of you is caught driving under alcohol influence or even under the influence of drugs. What this implies is that if you are arrested and convicted for a DUI or DWAI offense, then you are liable to face heavy criminal offense penalties. It could also mean that you lose all driving privileges in Denver. If you face any of the criminal penalties attracted by a DWAI offense, then it can adversely impact your daily life in Denver. Thus, it becomes critical to not miss out on an opportunity for consulting a well qualified and experienced Denver-based DWAI attorney. When you have hired a highly skilled DWAI lawyer in Denver, you can be assured that the lawyer will be defending you against all of the serious DUI or DWI charges. Also, the DWAI lawyer makes every effort to assist you so that you do not lose all your driving privileges. With such professional help, you can continue your daily life without any hindrances. There are many circumstances which can amount you to being arrested and getting convicted for DWAI. One such situation is where your driving patterns are considered to be dangerous and pose a serious threat to others. A law enforcement official will stop you if he observes that your driving is not really up to the mark. Another circumstance where you can receive a ticket for DWAI is when you cause a serious accident and the law enforcement officer opines that alcohol was the cause behind the accident. Irrespective of the reason for which the law enforcement officer pulls you up for DWAI offense, you are bound to face some serious administrative and criminal penalties. Under administrative penalties, you will lose all your driving privileges in Denver. When the officer arrests you for any DWAI offense, you could face prosecution under either of the two theories of prosecution. The first theory is the common definition of law which states it is a crime to drive under alcohol or drugs influence. In such a case, the prosecutor will try to prove that your driving ability was impaired since you had consumed intoxicating substance, like alcohol, before you started driving. The prosecutor will further try to substantiate its claim that you were impaired to drive by providing supportive evidence like on-field sobriety test finding, past driving habits and all other information which show you were intoxicated when driving.The Law Offices Of Steven J Pisani Address : Dominion Tower South,600 17th Street, 28th Floor,Denver, CO, 80202 Tel: 303-635-6768, Email:

2. When you hire a professional DWAI attorney from Denver, you can be worry-free of all criminal and administrative penalties since the lawyer will ensure that you do not face any kind of penalty by preparing a tough case in your favor. You may not be aware but you could also face DWI charges if you submit to chemical testing and the result produced is 0.08 percent or higher than that. In such a situation, the criminal charges are not associated with your inability to operate the car safely. Even if you were not impaired when you were arrested, you can still face DWAI charges if your chemical test provides an unsatisfactory result.The Law Offices Of Steven J Pisani Address : Dominion Tower South,600 17th Street, 28th Floor,Denver, CO, 80202 Tel: 303-635-6768, Email: