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Enterprise mobility is the new way to hit the healthcare industry in terms of managing & controlling mobile devices remotely. In this PPT we have covered How Enterprise Mobility Affects the Healthcare Industry?

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    How Enterprise

    Mobility Affects the

    Healthcare Industry?

  • “Your business do wonders if you have Mobile App”

    Mobile App Development

  • Healthcare Mobile App

    Development Company

    The Healthcare Industry got a big boost when

    enterprise mobility entered the industry through

    healthcare mobile apps.

  • We Cover:

    Staggering Figures Say It All 01

    Some More Interesting Facts

    and Figures About the USA

    mHealth Market


    One Industry, Many Verticals 03

    Online Patient Record Management 04

    Remote Consultation 05

    Online Medicine Ordering 06

    Doorstep Lab Test, Reports &

    Analysis 07

  • Staggering Figures

    Say It All

    According to Grand View Research, Inc., the global

    healthcare mobility solution market is expected to

    reach USD 227.1 billion by 2025.

    As per Statists, the estimated Global Mobile Health

    (mHealth) Market in 2019 was 37 billion dollars.

    The mobile health industry is expected to continue to

    grow in the coming years and is predicted to reach a

    total market size of some 72 billion dollars by 2020.

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  • Some More Interesting Facts and

    Figures About the USA mHealth Market

    Healthy eating apps are the most preferred apps.

    84% of health apps are free to use, without in-app


    iOS health mobile apps in 2015 stood at

    90088, which by now are estimated to be over


    Philips has over 1000000 subscribers of lifeline

    personal emergency response service.

    The top source of revenue for all mHealth

    publishers is Licensing.

  • One Industry, Many


    No wonder, the globally evolving healthcare industry is

    pacing up with the climbing health demands by

    adopting the right mobile app for the below mentioned

    health verticals:

    Online Patient Record Management

    Remote consultation

    Online medicine ordering

    Report generation and analysis

    Online Patient Record Management

    Doorstep lab test

  • Online Patient

    Record Management

    Helps in maintaining the record of a

    patient’s case history.

    All previous diagnosis reports,

    treatments, prescription, consultations

    with multiple doctors is stored in one

    place which can be accessed easily.

    The benefit of this automated patient

    record is that it will be reflected in

    scheduling appointments, updating the

    record as and when required, and much


  • Remote consultation

    Custom Mobile



    The penetration of smartphones and high speed

    internet connectivity has opened new vistas for the

    rural population.

    This is bringing the expert medical advice to the doors

    of the villagers in the nook and corners of the nation,

    thanks to the mHealth apps.

    This is helping the patients with acute and chronic

    diseases get the best medical advice, treatment and

    follow ups.

    Ways are being worked out for thorough health check

    ups of the villagers through live video conferencing.

  • Online medicine ordering

    This eliminates the piece of paper

    with the names of medicine and the

    entire process that revolves around

    buying the prescribed medication

    after the consultancy.

    Sharing e-prescriptions via digital mode is

    another solution by enterprise mobility.

    Saves time and reduces the

    chances of ambiguity.

    A pharmacy registered with the

    app can deliver and even refill

    the medication with doorstep


    Each prescription is stored

    securely within the app, making

    it easily shareable by the


  • Doorstep Lab Test,

    Reports and Analysis

    One app with an entire patient record, from doctors

    prescribed medicines to suggest lab tests, helps in

    sample collection from home.

    This saves the patient the pain of going out and

    standing in the queue to wait to give samples.

    Again, this saves patient's time as he/she is not

    required to collect the report.

    The detailed reports are delivered on the app, which

    could be accessed by the doctor for analysis and

    further course of action.

    Collection of reports is not needed as the same could

    be uploaded by the lab through the app only.

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