Top 10 ways to make your car faster

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  • 1. Top 10 Ways to make your car faster

2. 10. Electric fans
Install electric fans. Mechanical fans rob your cars power
3. 9. Electric fuel pump
For the same reason you want to convert your mechanical fan to an electric one, you should do the same for your fuel pump.
4. 8. Air induction
More air more power
5. 7. Carburetors
More gas more power
6. 6. Fuel Injection
Better gas delivery and will save you a little money. Also gives you more power with the right fuel injection
7. 5. Performance Chips
Use with your newer car and fuel injection system
8. 4. Exhaust System
By replacing your exhaust manifolds with Headers the weakest link is improved in your exhaust system.
9. 3. Turbochargers
While turbo chargers are stock equipment on almost all diesel engines, most people are not aware that you can install an aftermarket turbo charger on your gasoline engine for a great increase in performance.
10. 2. Nitrous Oxide
The principal is very simple. If you add Nitrous Oxide to your air and fuel the mixture becomes considerably more explosive and therefore greatly increases horsepower.
11. 1. Superchargers
But far more impressive than the appearance of a supercharger is the performance of a supercharger. These big breathing beasts will add a huge amount of power to your engine instantly.