Top 10 seo tips and tricks 2013

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Amazing latest SEO tricks and tips of 2013.Now Increase your website traffic in few days.Create backlinks,submit your website,promote website free and much more


  • 1. TOP 10 SEO TIPS and TRICKS 2013 Quality content: From day one Google is stressing about providing quality content. But what do you mean by quality content? In a laymans term , quality content should serve the purpose and satisfy users need. You can add infographics, videographics, videos, bullet points, TL;DR version and more to improve the content quality. Even, you can add a small slideshow for a better user engagement. User engagement: The quality content also brought us to user engagement issue. In the first Panda guidelines, Google mentioned that the content should not be only appealing but also engaging. Higher the engagement better is the result. In short, increase user engagement to serve the purpose. Video: Next part in engagement is video. Including video, infographics helps in increasing user engagement and sharing. People are tend to share more when they find video on the page. Google has started considering such factors in ranking. Of course, it is not always possible to attach a video to the article, but you should embed the video wherever possible. There are many guides available which talks about video optimization. Social signal: Social signals are no longer any secret. Google has started considering social sharing as one of the ranking signal. Encourage your readers to share the content. It will not only bring referral traffic but will also improve your ranking in Google. Meta tag spamming: This is 2013, but there are many people who are still involved in meta tag spamming. Keep doing it and get kicked in the back by the Google sooner or later. Use meta tags wisely and do not abuse it.
  • 2. Open graph: Open graph tags are getting more importance day by day. Implement it on your page and get better result in Google. Facebook open graph helps in getting more engagement on Facebook. Even, Facebook has started providing new way to increase the authority. New author option has just been added to their arsenal. Schema: Schema is yet another tag that is widely used. Schema helps Google in understanding what the page is about, who has written it and lot more. Perhaps, you want to go to to understand it well. Hire someone to implement schema on your website especially ecommerce website. Website structure: Website structure is getting more importance day by day. Google has started showing a red eye to the website that ends up in generating too many webpages due to poor structure. The issue is glaring in eCommerce and coupons related website where thin content and duplicate content are prominent. Thin content: Whether you like it or not, thin content is an issue with many of the people. Knowingly or unknowingly they manage to serve thin content to the Google and end up in the receiving end. Avoid thin content at any cost. If you are an eCommerce or coupons/deals website owner then have technical audit of your website Content marketing: Perhaps, this tip should be put at the top of the list but we decided to keep it at the last for its very own reason. Great content attracts link automatically. But you need to get in the eye of the beholder. Content marketing is the next big thing in SEO. Start doing content marketing and attract link naturally. SEO Tips,Tricks andTechniques VideoSubmissionSites List Social Networking Site List 2013 HighPr Directory Site List 2013 HighPr ClassifiedSite List 2013 HighPr Article Site List2013 HighPr Bookmarking Site List 2013