Tips for Small Business Owners

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  • tips for Small Business OwnersHow to successfully thrive in the Beehive of small businessHilary ThompsonThe Out and About

  • Its all about RelationshipsSometimes when we are in business we forget that no matter what our business, in the end it is all about the people.

  • The relationships we have at workAre as important as the relationshipswe have in our home life

  • Your StaffYou want good staff so pay them well, if you pay peanuts you will usually get monkeysHire people that are not just qualified for the job, but are people that you like. Small business people spend a lot of time together

  • Set boundariesLet your staff know what is expected of them e.g. what is acceptable in the way that they dress and how you expect them to behave when at work.Address big issues that arise immediately.Allow your staff to feel comfortable talking to you about issues that are bothering them.

  • Your Greatest AssetLook after your staff they are your businesss greatest assetget to know your staff and show them that you care about their welfare.appreciate their contribution to making your business successful and let them know.

  • Supporting Your StaffFollow your own rules and never ask your staff to do something that you would not do yourself.Support your staff members when they are going through a difficult time in their home life.Acknowledge birthdays, weddings etc.Christmas is a good time to say Thanks for all your hard work.A Thank You at the end of the week is nice too.

  • Being a Boss is not always easySometimes you have to fire a staff member, be clear with your reasons and follow the procedures set down by your workplace government bodyIf you have to fire someone for inappropriate or illegal behaviour, remember to support your staff through what can be a difficult time.

  • Your BusinessDo you have a vision for your business?Do you share your vision with your staff and find out how they see your business going into the future?Do you encourage your staff to put forward their ideas for growing your business into the future?

  • For success in the Beehive of Small Business You need to.Take care of yourself.Take care of the people who work for you.Take care of your customers/clients.Build healthy relationships that endure.Be passionate about what you do and share that passion. Have a vision for what you want to achieve in your business and share your vision.Be brave enough to admit when you are wrong and ask for help when you need it.Hilary Thompson The Out and About Therapist Relationships Coaching Business & Personal