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Accelerated sales and marketing support for service businesses. Three Ways To Become A More Competitive Business - Fast-Track Coaching & Consulting.



2. COACHING &We must compete harder.!FAST-TRACKCONSULTING Our services must be clearer,! more precisely targeted!FOR SERVICE BUSINESSES and better presented.A WAY TO ACCELERATE SALES FOR FAST-TRACKINGFor over 18 years, our executives have helped service businesses EXECUTIVES WHO NEED!of every shape and size to create, market and sell compellingFASTER RESULTSbusiness-to-business service propositions ahead of forecast.CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs whoWe can do it for you or our fast-track coaching courses arecant afford to waste time and resources ondesigned to show you exactly how you can too how to create un-tested service development initiativespropositions customers really want, prepare presentations that and need a systematic approach to helpenergise audiences into action and execute targeted campaign them compete harder and avoid that cuts through the wafe and efciently pre-sells. Sales and marketing executives who" want a clear and fast way to build resultsAs busy executives we know you need quick summaries, not long together, attracting and converting highexplanations, so we accelerate your approach with a series of quality leads and quickly creating newAction Templates and Guides that will structure your thinking" business opportunities.into simple and precise steps. Proposition, innovation & serviceNo preparation. No elaborate methods. Now your time can be development executives who need adevoted to quality thinking on real business opportunities,proven way to capture and package thecollaborating with your team to make concentrated plans andvalue customers actually want to buy"combining your completed templates into powerful reports and and generate fresh ideas to win theirpresentations that get the results youve been waiting for. customers attention.2 3. COACHING & FAST-TRACK3 WAYS TO COMPETE HARDER. ACCELERATED SALES AND MARKETING!CONSULTINGFOR SERVICE BUSINESSESSUPPORT FOR SERVICE BUSINESSES Training, coaching!and workshops to learn!how you can do it faster! or we can do it for you.!Its your choice.CREATE!PREPARE! CAMPAIGN!PROPOSITIONS!PRESENTATIONS! MARKETING!customers really want that energise audiences that efciently pre-sellsIdentify, structure and articulate Create powerful presentations that shift Construct efcient communicationspropositions that give your customersthinking and energise your audience to sequences that pre-sell your service andthe value they really want to buy.take hungry customers to your door.For Proposition, Innovation & ServiceFor Executives & Teams"For Sales & Marketing"Development Executives & TeamsEverywhere Executives & TeamsCREATE VALUECONVERT VALUE3 4. LEARN HOWEXECUTIVE TRAINING,!COACHING & WORKSHOPSCreate Propositions.!Prepare Presentations.!Campaign Marketing. 5. COACHING & FAST-TRACKWork faster with!template-accelerated!CONSULTINGFOR SERVICE BUSINESSES training, coaching and!workshops. KNOWLEDGE AS YOU GO!quick steps, easy-to-follow summaries!learn by Doing, not lengthy explanationsIMMEDIATE ACTION FOCUS!ready-made tools to use, think, collaborate!the right actions, avoid common mistakesFLEXIBLE APPROACH!congurable, best-practice techniques!a tailorable approach, not one-size-ts-allFAST-TRACK SKILLS!one-to-one/team, fast knowledge transfer!practitioner-led, action learning, not theoryDIRECT SUPPORT!live in your business, hands-on-help!fast, deadline support, extended hours5 6. CREATE!COACHING & FAST-TRACKCONSULTINGPROPOSITIONS!FOR SERVICE BUSINESSESCUSTOMERS REALLY WANT EXECUTIVE ONE-DAY ESSENTIALS! FAST-TRACK TRAINING 9:00am! -10:45am Introduction, Principles, Presentation! +15 minutes!5-STEP SALES ACCELERATOR refreshments 11:00am! -11:30am! Session One! ! STEP 1: FAST Planning!Target the right customers, plan for strengths and weaknesses 11:30am! -12:00pm Session Two! STEP 2: FAST Propositions! Identify how to give customers value they really want to buy 12:00pm! -12:30pm! Session Three! +30 minutes!STEP 3: FAST Branding!FOR MORE INFORMATION" LEARN HOW TO lunch break Add extra premium with simple and effective brandingOR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAILINFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.COIdentify, structure and! 1:00pm! *Presentation [*optional]" -1:50pm! articulate propositions that! +10 minutes!An Introduction To Straight Line Persuasiongive your customers the value! refreshments 2:00pm! Session Four! they really want to buy. -3:00pm!+15 minutes!STEP 4: FAST Communications! refreshments For Proposition, Innovation & Service Develop communications that get the response you deserveDevelopment Executives & Teams. 3:15pm! -4:15pm! Session Five!+5 minutes! STEP 5: FAST Campaigns!500-Page Colour Binder & Action Packrefreshments Instantly connect with customers and generate resultsSALES ACCELERATOR 4.0 SYSTEM!4:20pm! 50 Action Templates & Guides -5:00pm Summary & Action! Reviews, plans and extras 6 7. PREPARE!COACHING & FAST-TRACKCONSULTINGPRESENTATIONS!FOR SERVICE BUSINESSESTHAT ENERGISE AUDIENCES EXECUTIVE ONE-DAY ESSENTIALS! FAST-TRACK TRAINING 9:00am! -10:45am Introduction, Principles, Presentation! +15 minutes!3-STEP FAST PRESENTER refreshments 11:00am! -11:30am! Session One! ! Styles & Techniques!What the best presenters know, do and use 11:30am! -12:00pm Session Two! Storyboarding Essentials! Focusing the message and creating the shift by selling the story 12:00pm! -12:30pm! Session Three! +30 minutes!Design Principles!FOR MORE INFORMATION"lunch breakOR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAILPractice good design not decorationINFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.CO LEARN HOW TO1:00pm! *Presentation [*optional]" -1:50pm!Create powerful presentations+10 minutes!An Introduction To Straight Line Persuasion that shift thinking and energiserefreshments 2:00pm! Session Four! your audience to take action.-3:00pm!+15 minutes!Software Tools! refreshments For Executives & Teams! Tips and tricks for preparing great quality slidesEverywhere.3:15pm! -4:15pm! Session Five!+5 minutes! Review & Rehearsal!150-Page Colour Binder & Action Packrefreshments Peer review, customer testing and techniques for rehearsal PRESENTATION PLANNER 2.0 SYSTEM!4:20pm! 10 Action Templates & Guides -5:00pm Summary & Action! Reviews, plans and extras 7 8. CAMPAIGN!COACHING & FAST-TRACKCONSULTING MARKETING!FOR SERVICE BUSINESSES THAT EFFICIENTLY PRE-SELLSEXECUTIVE ONE-DAY ESSENTIALS!FAST-TRACK TRAINING9:00am!-10:45am Introduction, Principles, Presentation!+15 minutes!3-STEP TEST MARKETERrefreshments11:00am!-11:30am!Session One!! Lead Generation!Techniques to target, generate and qualify high quality leads11:30am!-12:00pmSession Two!Sales Presentations!Showcasing the value, making the case and cutting to the close12:00pm!Session Three!LEARN HOW TO-12:30pm!+30 minutes!Mini-Proposals!FOR MORE INFORMATION" Construct efcientlunch breakEffective business cases and executive summariesOR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAILINFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.CO communications sequences!1:00pm!*Presentation [*optional]"-1:50pm! that pre-sell your service and +10 minutes!An Introduction To Straight Line Persuasiondirect hungry customers!refreshments2:00pm!Session Four! to your door. -3:00pm! +15 minutes!Communication Sequences!refreshments For Sales & Marketing! Building a system to pre-sell, cross-sell and up-sell your services Executives & Teams. 3:15pm!-4:15pm!Session Five!+5 minutes! Response & Conversion!500-Page Colour Binder & Action Pack refreshmentsUsing the network, brieng executives, sales teams and customersSALES ACCELERATOR 4.0 SYSTEM! 4:20pm! 50 Action Templates & Guides-5:00pmSummary & Action!Reviews, plans and extras 8 9. COACHING &Immediate action with practical!FAST-TRACKCONSULTING experience and easy-to-use tools.FOR SERVICE BUSINESSESPractitioner Techniques Knowledge Transfer IMMEDIATE AND LASTING VALUE Our no-fuss, active approach to learning In context imparts knowledge that is designed to be transferred and applied easily so it adds value to your business immediately and remains with you throughout your career.Principles into ActionReady-made TemplatesPROGRESS FROM DAY ONE An intensive schedule of topics" ensures that you leave each day" with a vast amount of high quality information, practical tips and" time-saving tools that you will" already have started to use.Review Checklists Full Guidance Notes LEADING PRACTITIONER EXPERIENCE With step-by-step summaries, high quality course materials and direct support you will gain condence quickly with everything you need to generate faster results with your propositions, presentations and marketing.9 10. WE CAN DO IT FOR YOUDIRECT CONSULTING!& PROJECT SUPPORT Advice, projects, services and Virtual Executive Support. 11. COACHING & FAST-TRACK WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.ACCELERATED SALES AND MARKETING!CONSULTINGFOR SERVICE BUSINESSESSUPPORT FOR SERVICE BUSINESSES Creative thinking, constructive challenge and direct support to create, market andsell compelling business-to-businessservice propositions.CREATEPREPARE! CAMPAIGN!PROPOSITIONS PRESENTATIONS! MARKETING!customers really want that energise audiences that systematically pre-sellsFOR MORE INFORMATION" Identify, structure and articulate Create powerful presentations that shift Construct efcient communicationsOR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAIL propositions that give your customers" thinking and energise your audience to"sequences that pre-sell your service andINFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.COthe value they really want to buy.take hungry customers to your door.For Proposition, Innovation & ServiceFor Executives & Teams"For Sales & Marketing"Development Executives & Teams. Everywhere. Executives & Teams." " "PROPOSITION DEVELOPMENT PRESENTATION PREPARATIONCAMPAIGN PLANNINGq Customer Targetingq Styles & Techniques q Lead Generationq Proposition Denition q Storyboarding Essentialsq Sales Presentationsq Brand Positioning q Design Principles q Mini-Proposalsq Communications Mixq Presentation Production q Communication Sequencesq Campaign Sequence q Review & Rehearsalq Response & Conversion11 12. COACHING & FAST-TRACKVIRTUAL EXECUTIVE SUPPORT.DIRECT ON-CALL ASSISTANCE FROM!CONSULTINGFOR SERVICE BUSINESSES INDEPENDENT EXECUTIVE SPECIALISTSPre-book your support call or request anexpress online response to your ideas,documents and challenges from!leading executive practitioners. REVIEW AND INTERVIEW AND!LISTEN AND!RECOMMENDARTICULATE ADVISEq Documentsq Business Ideas q Business Initiativesq Propositions q Service/Product Concepts q Proposition Performanceq Presentationsq Executive Briengs q Sales & Marketing PrioritiesFOR MORE INFORMATION" q Proposalsq Meeting Notesq Production/Deadline ChallengesOR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAIL INFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.COLet your Virtual Executive review yourRelate your ideas and thoughts by phone Get independent advice on how to resolvedocuments, propositions, presentations andand let your Virtual Executive organise and problems and challenges with your pressingproposals and recommend precise actions towrite them up for you. Particularly useful forbusiness initiatives to help you clarify,improve your submissions.executives who are highly mobile.prioritise and focus on your key activities. Recommendations are delivered asSubmissions are delivered as structured textDiscussions are conducted by phone andstructured text documents in Word formatdocuments in Word format (unless otherwisecan include follow-up written notes and(unless otherwise specied) and can include specied) and can include a follow-up audio/video recording as required."document annotation, follow-up telephonetelephone discussion and audio/video*NB. Business projects only, does not coverdiscussion and audio/video recording.recording as required. inter-personal relations and dynamics. ALL SERVICES ARE COMPLETELY SECURE AND CONFIDENTIAL12 13. More knowledge!COACHING &and support with!FAST-TRACKCONSULTING online resources.FOR SERVICE BUSINESSESWEBINARS & TUTORIALSHigh quality video content covering a range of related topics and introducing the keyprinciples and techniques used so you can refresh your memory and enhance yourlearning beyond the course. Includes recommended resources such as an exclusivewebinar replay of Jordan Belforts Straight Line Persuasion system.1-MINUTE VIEWPOINT SERIESA one-page brieng series highlighting thebest products and services weve found onthe market: why we like them, what youlllearn, whats included and where to get them.3-MINUTE SUMMARY SERIESA short executive brieng and learning aidsummarising the value and key take-awaysfrom each of the techniques learned: why it isuseful, how it is applied and the key points toremember more knowledge as you go. 13 14. Expert practitioner servicesCOACHING & FAST-TRACK from a little as 150 per +VATCONSULTING hour and training from 500 per delegate.FOR SERVICE BUSINESSES+VAT LEARN HOW YOU CAN DO IT FASTERONE-TO-ONE GROUPMIN 3 DELEGATESTRAINING One-day fast-tack training courses for 1-25 delegates on-site. Includes full colour 1,500+VAT" 500+VAT"binder of course materials and templated planning system (printed copy only).per delegate per delegateCOACHINGTwo half-day one-to-one coaching sessions working directly with executives on-site1,500+VAT" 1,500+VAT"to apply training and develop skills, condence and results on live business projects. per delegate per delegateWORKSHOPS Select the topics you require and well design and run a one-day intensive workshop 2,500+VAT" 2,500+VAT"for you and your team. Includes preparation, follow-up notes and recommendations.per workshop per workshopSOFTWAREGet electronic Action Templates for all the team and organisation to use. Buy onlyFrom" Fromwhat you need with a perpetual enterprise license that you only need to purchase500+VAT" 500+VAT*"LICENSING once, so your whole organisation can benet from the productivity gains these per user per templatetemplates bring. * Minimum purchase of 10 templates. One-time enterprise-wideFOR MORE INFORMATION"OR TO MAKE A BOOKING EMAIL perpetual license. Additional branding and tailoring options are available.INFO@EXECUTIVEACTION.COOR WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU PER HOUR"PER DAYCONSULTING! Direct support to help you create propositions, prepare presentations and execute 150+VAT**" 1,500+VAT**campaign marketing. ** Rates vary by location (day rate typically provides 8 hoursper hour" per day"& PROJECTSon-site support, hourly rate provides pre-booked remote support as required). off-site onlyon-site onlyDiscounts available for multiple hours/days and retained service agreements. Fixedprice projects also available subject to agreed estimate only.V.E.S.! Direct on-call assistance from independent executive specialists. Pre-book your 150+VAT***"Na.VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE support call or request an express online response to your ideas, documents and per hourSUPPORT challenges from leading executive practitioners. *** Minimum charge 1-hour.14TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY 15. COACHING &Consultant & course director.!FAST-TRACKCONSULTING Jeremy L...


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