Three roll forming

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  • 1. is a continuous bending operation in which along strip of metal (typically coiled steel) ispassed through consecutive sets of rolls, orstands, each performing only an incrementalpart of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained

2. a process for formingplate, sheet, bars, beams, angles, or pipe intovarious shapes by passing the work metalbetween three properly spaced rolls. 3. It has a rollers that set on a pyramid likepositions. 4. Increased production and less downtime defects are easier to control Lengths are not limited 5. Material can jam or double up in productionand cause damage to the roll former andtooling If floor space is a concern, longer partsrequire a material conveyor between the pre-notch press and the roll former, equal to orgreater than the longest part 6. From the research that have been done, itcan be concluded that the roll formingmethod is better than the conventional Cast-In-Situ method in terms of the laborproductivity. It can be seen in the number ofwork hours to install structural componentsby using roll forming is less compared to theCast-In-Situ method.