Theres Fire Fighting Foam then theres Aberdeen Fire Fighting Foam!

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<ul><li> 1. There`s Fire Fighting Foam, then there`s: Aberdeen Fire Fighting Foam (Manufactured by OTL) Range Compatibility Standards C6 &amp; EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Programme Useful Links NextWithin Scotland Oil Technics are the distributor and stockist for Aberdeen Foam range of Fire Fighting Foam concentrates. Situated south of Aberdeen we offer ex-stock service and 24 hour emergency availability via our Foam Hotline Number 01561 361515. Our modern foam testing laboratory offers an ISO9001:2008 full range of laboratory and fire tray services for both concentrate and produced foam. For further details click on To obtain a Data Sheet or Material Safety Data Sheet for the foam concentrates we offer ex-stock, click on the links below to download a PDF. For information on International Standards, please click here.BIG CHANGES IN FIRE FIGHTING FOAM ARE COMING! C6 &amp; EPA 2010/15 GLOBAL STEWARDSHIP PROGRAMME All traditional Fire Fighting Foams contain fluorosurfactants. Fluorosurfactants aid fire extinguishment and support excellent burnback properties. However, a USA EPA working group has found that flurosurfactants containing Rf carbon chain length greater than C6 could potentially degrade in the environment and form PFOA, a chemical which is bioaccumulative, toxic and persistent.</li></ul> <p> 2. Due to this discovery, in 2005 the EPA convened what has come to be known as the 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Programme. Under this programme, all fluorosurfactant manufacturers worldwide have committed to withdraw from sale any fluorosurfactant with a carbon chain length greater than C6 by 2015. In the Fire Fighting Foam manufacturing industry, this means that all manufacturers are required to reformulate and retest their foam concentrates by 2015. The Aberdeen Foam range of C6 Fire Fighting foams have been developed and specially reformulated to meet the requirements of the 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Programme. For further information, please contact Oil Technics Ltd.C6 FOAM CONCENTRATES AQUEOUS FILMFORMING FOAM LOW FREEZE (AFFFLFC6) 1% AFFFLFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest Quote3% AFFFLFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest Quote6% AFFFLFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest QuoteAQUEOUS FILMFORMING FOAM (AFFFC6) 1% AFFFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest Quote3% AFFFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest Quote6% AFFFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest QuoteALCOHOL RESISTANT AFFF (ARAFFFC6) 33% ARAFFFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest Quote 3. 36% ARAFFFC6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest QuoteVAPOUR SUPPRESSION FOAMS Vapour Shield (Acid) C6Data SheetRequest MSDSRequest QuoteAQUEOUS FILM FORMING FOAM LOW FREEZE (AFFFLF) 1% AFFFLF3% AFFFLF6% AFFFLFData Request Request Sheet MSDS Quote NATO Stock No. NSN 4210-99597-0220 Data Request Request Sheet MSDS Quote NATO Stock No. NSN 4210-99152-2432 Data Request Request Sheet MSDS Quote NATO Stock No. NSN 4210-99668-0593AQUEOUS FILM FORMING FOAM (AFFF) 1% AFFF 3% AFFF 6% AFFFData Sheet Data Sheet Data SheetRequest MSDS Request MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request Quote Request QuoteALCOHOL RESISTANT LOW FREEZE (AFFFARLF) 33% AFFFARCLT 36% AFFFARCLTRequest MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request QuoteALCOHOL RESISTANT (AFFFAR) Data Sheet Data 36% AFFFARC Sheet 33% AFFFARCHIGH EXPANSION (HEX)Request MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request Quote 4. Request MSDS Request MSDSHiEx LT HiExRequest Quote Request QuoteRequest MSDSRequest QuoteCLASS A FOAM CLASS AData SheetTRAINING FOAM (Synthetic) Data Sheet Data 3% TF (Synthetic) Sheet 1% TF (Synthetic)Request MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request QuoteRequest MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request QuoteFLUOROPROTEIN (FP) 3% FP Extra 6% FPData Sheet Data SheetFILM FORMING FLUOROPROTEIN (FFFP) Request MSDS Request MSDS3% FFFP 6% FFFPRequest Quote Request QuoteALCOHOL RESISTANT (FFFPAR) Request MSDS Request MSDS33% FFFPARC 36% FFFPARCRequest Quote Request QuoteRequest MSDSRequest QuoteTRAINING FOAM (Protein) 3% TF (Protein)Data SheetVAPOUR SUPPRESSION FOAMS For Acid Spills For Alkali SpillsRequest MSDS Request MSDSRequest Quote Request QuoteDEFOAMER FOR FOAM CONCENTRATE SPILLS DFoamer RA30Request MSDSRequest Quote 5. Manufactured &amp; supplied byOil Technics (Fire Fighting Products) Ltd. Linton Business Park, Gourdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK DD10 0NHTel: +44(0) 1561 361515 Fax: +44(0) 1561 361001WEB[About Us] [Terms &amp; Conditions] [Privacy &amp; Cookies] [Copyright Notice] [Search] [View Shopping Basket] [Top]</p>


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