The use of Facebook and skype to facilitate online crits

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Jolanda Morkels presentation at the first CPUT Teaching with Technology Day

Text of The use of Facebook and skype to facilitate online crits

  • 1.The use offacebook & skypeto facilitate online critsJolanda MorkelDepartment of Architectural TechnologyFaculty of Informatics & DesignCape Peninsula University of Technology

2. the place where architectural design learning happensThe studio is a socialenvironment that ischaracterised bycommunication,critique andcollaboration.(Gross, 1997) STUDIO 3. creativitycriticalitycontemplationcollaborationcitizenshipstudioRose, E. A., Higgins, M., Dixon, J. and Kabzamaloza, E. 2007 4. learning is the relationships between peopleSmith, M. K. 2003. Communities of practice, the encyclopedia of informal Accessed 10 July 2011 5. self-reflective peer to peer student-tutor MODE of knowledgeACTIONINTERACTIONREACTIONconstruction range of conversations: offline and online 6. facebook 7. asynchronous 8. peer to peer [horizontal]interaction_collaborationInterviewer: And has it [facebook] also helped inyour interaction with fellow students?STUDENT D2: Yes it has. No, yes definitely. Itdefinitely has.STUDENT G1: I think a large part of it (is) ...interactivity... you can upload a project or likepost an idea and then people in our class couldin this like electronic environment give feedbackon it. STUDENT A2: For me it feels like we are still in aclass and we are interacting, ja.STUDENT B2: Its just a digital way. Digitalclassroom. 9. student-tutor [vertical]reaction_apprenticeshipDo you feel it [facebook] enhances theinteractions with your lecturer?STUDENTS: Yes.STUDENT G: Definitely.STUDENT C2: Yeah quick feedback thats what Ilike, thats where it comes in.STUDENT A2: Its just like an open discussion,they are open to...STUDENT C2: Its like they [the lecturers] standwith us.STUDENT C2: And I think this is actually likemaking us gain confidence in our work, becauseactually you know where you are heading to andwhat is required from you. 10. what is the communication about?Utterances categories compared to Gabriel and Mahers (1999) findings onsynchronous communication facebook results shown in red:design communication42%67%social communication29%7%communication control 24%17%communication technology5% 9% 11. facebook goes synchronous 12. facebook...enhances learner engagement, students domainasynchronous and synchronoussupports existing relationshipsfacilitates interaction, dialoguesupports collaboration & apprenticeshipsocial media, not an LMSimportant role in multimodal learning approach 13. skype 14. share images and text 15. conversation: prompt response 16. conceptualising/ argumentation 17. small groupinteraction 18. skype...synchronous, closed to the individual/ groupused with iDroo on one or small groupfacilitates interaction, dialoguesupports collaboration & apprenticeshiphelps build confidenceimportant role in multimodal learning approach 19. THANK YOUplease contact me