The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Humans

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<ol><li> 1. The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Humans With little to no proof that dogs and cats cannot get along as well people do, many presume the idea that cats and dogs are natural enemies to be unmitigated truth. The fact is, however, that this presumption is disproven time and time again. One need not look further than a host of social media sites to find numerous images of dogs being affectionately groomed or napped upon by cats, or of kittens and puppies playing together as litter mates, or even of a mama of one breed offering to nurse the litter of another. </li><li> 2. Not all cats and dogs get along, but there seems to be much suggestion that a few key techniques may be employed to assure that they do. In situations where these animals live together quite amicably, there are a few routine observations that might be made. Like children, pets are often quite observant regarding the treatment they receive. While a dog might make a better walking companion and a cat may be a much more manageable housemate, every effort should be made to help each feel like part of the family. Alongside this idea, every pet owner should treat each pet as well as possible. Dogs and cats that are made to worry about where and when their next meal will occur, whether or not they will fall out of favor with their humans, and/or that a slap may be as likely as a pat will be more aggressive in general. While firm interaction is quite helpful in training pets to be obedient and to behave, kindness is a better model for affectionate interactions. For this reason, roughhousing is not recommended when dealing with pets. Many people enjoy playing games that actually cause stress levels to rise in the dogs and cats. Holding your hand over a dogs face, for example might make him playful, but it could also make him misunderstand other signs regarding the right balance of play and obedience. </li><li> 3. Cats may be trained to act out in aggressive ways, too. Throwing a cat to see if he lands on his feet or pouring water on a cat to see if he can be made to run away howling are recipes for catastrophe. As much as animals treated in these ways will come to distrust their owners, so will they be less likely to bond with each other. On top of the benefits of treating pets gently and kindly, bringing dogs and cats up together is an excellent method for teaching them to get along as lifelong friends. For more information on animal care, visit this website </li></ol>


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