The Secrets Of A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

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How facebook, twitter and blogs can help your bottom line


  • 1. The secrets of a successful social media strategy How facebook, twitter and blogs can help your bottom line
  • 2. matthew chamberlin Linkedin twitter @mchamberlin e-mail:
  • 3. it is a conversation powered by... BLOGS forums wikis RSS
  • 4. what are the benefits? Engagement Trust conversation previously untapped collective intelligence networking (biz and personal)
  • 5. the big three 70MM active users in US 240MM worldwide 700,000+ new accounts per day More than half out of college 55+ year old women fastest growing group user numbers hard to come by but grew over 1500% YOY 2008-09 Average income $58,000 Interests skew towards news, restaurants, sports,politics only network that skews more male than female (57%-43%) up 361% yoy 2007-08 30MM professionals from 150 industries job search and networking
  • 6. Successful case study Start early Ladder support Empower superusers provide source materials for ugc Use tools people are familiar with make it easy to find make it scale mobile devices have a great team
  • 7. citizen journalism other examples: Sichuan earthquake Tsunami Mumbai
  • 8. why should i care? SM is gaining trust Growth industry president obama one falls, another rises can be cost efficient versatile and niche oriented the internet is social
  • 9. 5 ways to gauge your social media readiness 1. how are you listening? 2. do you know who your customers are? 3. who are the voices of your company? 4. goals 5. resources
  • 10. a few things social media is not a campaign a substitute or replacement for what you are already doing free a zero sum game
  • 11. Digital natives vs digital immigrants We call it social media Our kids call it life
  • 12. matthew chamberlin Linkedin twitter @mchamberlin e-mail: