The Right Way to Remarket: Converting Your Online Audience to Sales

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Its a fact - the vast majority of visitors to your website dont immediately covert to sales. But, these first time visitors are often only a few steps away from becoming loyal, paying customers. How can you make sure that this prime audience doesnt forget about your product? In this webinar, hosted by Executive Vice President Francis Skipper, well discuss how remarketing enables you to increase your online conversions by helping close the deal with customers who were not ready to make a purchase the first time around. Attendees will learn: What remarketing is and how it works Why to remarket Remarketing etiquette the right way to remarket Remarketing in action client case studies


  • 1.The Right Way to Remarket

2. Francis Skipper EVP of Digital Marketing 617-259-1605 @fskip 3. National Public Relations, Social Media, and Search Marketing Agency Founded in 2004 Headquartered in Boston and representing Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas Recognized as a 2011, 2012, 2013 an award recognizing the fastest growing private companies headquartered in Massachusetts About 451 Marketing 4. 75%* of site visitors leave without buying on their first visit 5. Right Person, Right Time, Right Message 6. What is Remarketing? Remarketing: The Right Way Q&A aka Francis, what about ... ? Agenda 7. Types of Remarketing 8. 2. Google places a cookie in users browser showing they visited your site What is Remarketing? 5. User clicks on ad and returns to your website 1. User visits your website but does not convert 4. Cookie triggers ad 3. User leaves your site and navigates through other sites in Google Display Network 9. When You Dont Remarket Your Website Other Sites 10. Retargeted consumers are nearly 70% more likely to complete a purchase and spend on average 50% more than as compared to non-retargeted consumers. 11. Benefits of Remarketing More relevancy more leads Coverage (of Google display network) Message evolution 12. Huge Reach & Relevancy Choose your Environment Discover your Enthusiasts Land your Prospects Remarketing Interest Category Marketing Placement Targeting Keyword Contextual Targeting Audience Scope Strategy 13. 2. Target Specific Audiences The Right Way 1. Target Specific Audiences 14. Which needs more convincing to convert? Prioritizing High Cost Items 15. Target by Demographic 65+ 55 - 64 45 - 54 35 - 44 25 - 34 18 - 24 16. 2. Target Specific Audience The Right Way 2. Manage Expectations 17. View Through Conversions 18. SHOES Cool shoes Organic Search SHOES Conversion Conversion Journey 19. Top Conversion Path Report 20. Who Gets the Credit? Organic Search PPC AdDisplay Ad Conversion Facebook Ad Direct Search PPC Ad Facebook Ad Direct Search Display Ad PPC Ad Direct Search 21. Who Gets the Credit? 22. All Industries 23. Retail 24. EDU 25. 3. Control the Creepy The Right Way 26. Puppy Chow, Anyone? 27. Carpet bomb WHEN BUDGETS DONT MATTER. OR SALES. OR CUSTOMER SATSIFACTION. 28. The Right Way: Examples 29. Cap Member Duration 30. Cap Frequency 5-7 31. The Appropriate Message Cool Shoes I could really use those shoes for that wedding I should shop around first Aww shucks I want em. Im buying them 32. Whats Possible Beyond Google Opportunity to remarket to people further down the funnel Sophisticated remarketing Incentivizing people down the conversion path 33. Facebook Exchange 34. Facebook Exchange 35. Questions? 36. The Right Way to Remarket


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