The Lean Startup

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Some introductory slides to the lean startup concept, designed for a group of FE students.

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  • 1.The Lean Startup Dave Briggs

2. Dave Briggs @davebriggs 3. My background: Public services Freelance consulting Technology startup Social innovation and enterprise 4. Bringing creativity and technology together for social and economic benefit. 5. What is a startup? 6. A startup company or startup is a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. 7. What do you need to start a company? 8. Detailed business plan Staff Offices IT infrastructure Product development Funding Revenue 9. The lean startup cuts all that out 10. Get to market as quickly as you can and learn from customers. 11. MVP a screencast shared on geek forums Landing page Extremely simple concept no frills Private beta builds buzz Got feedback Work of mouth marketing 12. Some key points 13. Minimum viable product 14. Continuous deployment 15. Split (or A/B) testing 16. Actionable metrics 17. Pivot 18. What makes this possible? 19. Bootstrapping 20. Cloud 21. Open source 22. Online marketing 23. Remote working 24. Crowdfunding 25. What this means Starting a business is easy Starting a good business is still very hard Lean startup not an easy route Enables organic scale Lowers risk Ought to be fun 26. 27. Keep in touch! @davebriggs