The ‘How’ of Going Paperless

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The How of Going PaperlessWe all want to do our bit for the environment, but how many of us are actually doing it? We feel guilty, but again we do nothing about it. This article intends to be a piece for all school children, office goers, basically everybody who uses paper. You ask why? Well, because what starts off as a couple of bills, notices, few post-its, very quickly turns into disorganized and cluttered heaps of papers all over the office and home. After all, the lesser usage of paper, the lesser energy bills, thus; helping you save you time and clutter.

Do you use paper napkins? Change that. Instead opt for washable cloth towels or handkerchiefs. Washing them is not a task, and it will save a lot and I mean it a lot of paper.

Have magazines and newspaper subscription? Try switching to online newspapers and magazines. Go digital, after all, when will that smartphone be of use to you? You will pay less and see lesser clutter too. Moreover, you wont have to rummage through the mess when you are looking for an article of a particular date. It will be available.

Make use of mails and keep scanned copies. It saves you a great deal of hassle. Scanning at a quality that is low enough so that the files dont go real big, but high enough so that when you take a printout it is readable.

Those mobile operators are not being nasty when they call and ask you to switch to paperless statements and bills. Most of them now offer the service for free. Do it now. It is saving the environment and you in ways you probably dont know. Besides, the added benefit of never again missing out on a payment because your cheque got lost in the mail. You have a record saved with you. Would love to embrace technology to every bit? Heres your chance. Get a tablet for yourself. It is a onetime investment and you will love it. It functions just like a notebook except for the fact that you can write directly on the screen with the attached stylus pen. Now, how cool is that?

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