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In this magazine, we start off with an overview on employee (re)engagement – 5 catalysts for change, 5 drivers of engagement and 5 trends for the future. Then, we share insights and best practices from MSLGROUP experts and planners, followed by thirteen inspiring projects that show how companies are engaging with their employees and potential recruits today. Note: Interactive features work best when downloaded & opened as PDF (click SAVE above) Having trouble viewing the magazine here? Try viewing it at Scribd: For more, visit: The People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine pulls together insights from MSLGROUP’s Insights Network — a private network created on our proprietary People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform — in which 100+ planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss thought-provoking research and inspiring projects in the areas of corporate and consumer engagement. Every week, we pick one project from the MSLGROUP Insights Network and curate conversations around it — on the network itself but also on the social web — into a weekly insights report. Every quarter, we present the thirteen insights reports to you, along with original research from our global network, as an online magazine. We have further synthesized the insights to provide foresights for business leaders and changemakers — in the ten-part People’s Insights annual report titled Now & Next: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, also available as a Kindle eBook. For more, see:

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  • PEOPLES INSIGHTS 100+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects that are driving engagement with consumers and employees on the MSLGROUP Insights Network. Every week, we pick up one project and curate the conversations around it, on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself and also on the broader social web, into a weekly insights report. Every quarter, we compile these insights along with original insights from the MSLGROUP global network into the Peoples Insights Quarterly Magazine. In our first year and half, we focused on inspiring consumer projects around social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship. We synthesized insights from 2012 to provide foresights for business leaders and change-makers in the tenpart Peoples Insights annual report titled Now & Next: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, also available as a Kindle eBook and an iPad app. In 2013, we continue to track inspiring projects that are shaping the future of engagement, with a focus on corporate projects around reputation, employee engagement and citizenship. Do subscribe to receive our weekly insights reports, quarterly magazines and annual report, and do share your tips and comments with us at @PeoplesLab on Twitter. Peoples Insights Weekly Report Peoples Insights Quarterly Magazines In September 2013, Peoples Insights crossed 1 million views across MSLGROUP properties and social channels. Peoples Insights Annual Report 2
  • Guide to using this magazine A toolkit of crowdsourced insights. Read the trends to see why employee (re)engagement has become the need of the hour from the best practices, shared by MSLGROUP Brand & Talent experts, Social Business experts and Planners* Learn An interactive PDF. Click around to experience it to the fullest. Explore inspiring brand programs. Crowdsourced from our network of 100+ planners and compiled by the Peoples Insights team** more meaningful and relevant engagement strategies for clients or for yourself Create WIN Share these insights with your networks. And share your feedback with us on our blog or on Twitter (@PeopleLab) Click to play a video (opens in your browser) Click to tweet the message displayed Internal link click to go to another article in the PDF itself (FYI - everything in the Table of Contents is click-able) Plain ol link click for more info (opens in your browser) *Best Corporate Consultancy in the World 2013, by The Holmes Report **Special shout out to Peoples Insights contributors Annie Sunny and Shreyasi Ghosh 3
  • table of content The Future of Employee (Re) Engagement Foreword: New Realities FIRMS ARE CONVERSATIONS PERFORMANCE WITH PURPOSE & PARTICIPATION INSIGHTS FROM PEOPLE TOGETHER WORKS FAR BETTER Pascal Beucler MSLGROUP Essay: THE FUTURE OF EMPLOYEE (RE)ENGAGEMENT Nidhi Makhija MSLGROUP 5 Catalysts for Change 1 INFORMATION ECONOMY Reinventing the company in a social world Anthony Poncier (France) SOCIAL 5 Drivers for Engagement Together Works Better Nathalie Szwagrzyk I Quit! viral Siemens The Managers Call 2 NEW GENERATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE Generation Mash-up: Y Bother (North America) 3 NEW VALUES COLLABORATION Heineken The Candidate Marsh University Dove Real Beauty 5 CHANGING WORK ENVIRONMENT Growing Talent for Why CSR is a powerful the Future Employee Sophie MartinEngagement tool Chantepie (France) Ashraf Engineer (India) Re-discover your Purpose. Better, Co-create it Anna Czcik (Poland) STORYTELLING Team GSK 4 Multilogue ING Next Gen Banking SUSTAINABILITY ECONOMY Engage for Success Louisa Moreton (UK) FULFILMENT AT&T Water Efficiency Toolkit Zappos: Delivering Happy Employees BMW Today for Tomorrow Make My Trip 4 IDCN (founded by Nestle)
  • table of content The Future of Employee (Re) Engagement 1 5 Trends for the Future 2 3 GROWING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HR AND COMMUNICATIONS ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES GROWING IMPORTANCE AS MORE COMPANIES UNDERGO CHANGE GROWING ADOPTION OF SOCIAL BUSINESS TOOLS 4 5 GROWING MATURITY OF ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS EVOLUTION OF THE JOB CONTRACT Best practices By MSLGROUP Experts Internal Reputation Management Julia Christoph (Germany) Collaborative Planning Vronique Langlois & Xavier Charpentier (France) Employer Branding Louisa Moreton (UK) Live Online Meetings Marine Wallace (Netherlands) Straight Talk Heloiza Souza & Jos Guilherme Arajo (Brazil) 5
  • FOREWORD accepting that the norm has shifted and in embracing new realities. Firms are Conversations Social doesnt stop at the door of the firm. Re-invention needs social business at its core. Too often, the challenge is that C-suites are too conservative and change-adverse. But staffs disengagement is a serious threat and must be addressed. Performance with Purpose and Participation PASCAL BEUCLER SVP & Chief Strategy Officer MSLGROUP ll nest de richesse, que dhommes - Jean Bodin (1530 1596) For the millennials today, and for the Gen Z of tomorrow, corporate citizenship is highly meaningful. They join a company also because they like what this company says it stands for, and do demonstrate their commitment to the cause. Purpose + People is the combination which helps solve the (Re)Engagement Equation, as collaborative social innovation is at the heart of employees expectations. From Day 1 to Exit: Insights from Employees People are the only true source of wealth this quote from Jean Bodin should encourage us to focus on peoples development, and to innovate, in the spirit of a well-needed renaissance. The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement | Foreword In this issue of the Peoples Insights Quarterly Magazine, we explore the challenge of employee disengagement: Why has it become such a pressing issue today? What works today? How can we move from behind to ahead? The answer lies in Insights & data analysis, permanent research, participatory observation, test & try interactions: the Employee Experience Journey needs to be analyzed in all dimensions, with the consultation of all stakeholders inside the firm and 6
  • sometimes outside of it. Only such a holistic approach will help develop a strong and sustainable Employer Value Proposition. Together Works Far Better Promoting mobility, creativity and team spirit, together with diversity, should be at the heart of talents development strategies in all industries. Positive engagement is whats fueling a Peoples Network. We invite you to explore these ideas over the next pages, and beyond, in your work and with your people. A well-needed renaissance: @pbeucleron the Future of Employee (Re)Engagement click to tweet 7
  • Essay: The Future of Employee (RE)Engagement Five years after the 2008 recession, companies and countries are still struggling, and employee engagement is an area that can contribute to growth. Indeed, a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit and StepStone found that talent is perceived as the overall third driver of growth (cited by 41% of senior managers), second only to the economic recovery and the availability of credit2. NIDHI MAKHIJA Senior Manager - Insights MSLGROUP To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. - Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Employee engagement why now and why again? According to a recent Gallup global study, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. 63% are not engaged and 24% are actively disengaged. Disengagement affects performance and leads to annual losses, Gallup estimates, of $450-550 billion in the US, 112-138 billion in Germany and 52-70 billion in the UK1. Most companies already have wellestablished programs to engage with employees, which have been in place for many years and have worked in the past. So, what happened? Why arent they as effective today? For starters, people are changing they have different expectations, different values and behaviours, and new communication preferences. To make matters more complex, the work environment is changing too big companies are battling a trust deficit, growing larger and more global, and competing for talent with start ups, nonprofits, social good organizations and new Asian giants. As a result, companies are finding its crucial now, again, to re-understand their employees, re-engage their workforce, re-focus on their employer brand and communicate their companys story in a relevant way. In this essay, well take a look at 5 Catalysts that are driving the need for re-engagement, 5 Drivers companies are leveraging to engage with employees today, and 5 Trends to watch out for in the near future. Defining employee engagement In this essay, employee engagement refers to the ongoing engagement with employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to change, development and exit. Engagement is twoway, like a dialogue that allows employees to contribute to and participate in the organizations objectives. As part of this, they are more likely to fulfill their own potential. In this way, engagement is seen as part of the deal where both employer and employee make commitments and derive benefit. Gallups State of the Global Workplace 2013 report Economist Intelligence Unit & StepStones Companies at the Crossroads report (2010) 1 2 The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement | Essay 8
  • 5 Catalysts for Change Broadly speaking, five major trends are catalysing the need for more relevant employee engagement strategies: the Information Economy, New Generations in the Workforce, New Values, Changing Work Environments and the global Economy. 1.Information Economy People share experiences and seek information in new ways. For years, employees have been sharing their opinions and experiences on their personal social networks and blogs. Now, increasingly, they are sharing on anonymous review-sites like