The Big Jump - What is Social Enterprise

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Kate Welch OBE presents a global perspective of what is needed to make a true social enterprise at the Big Jump Conference 31st March, 2011.


<ul><li> 1. What is Social Enterprise? Kate Welch OBE </li> <li> 2. What is Social Enterprise? a business with primarily social objectives, whose surpluses areprincipally reinvested for that purpose in the business or community rather than mainly being paid to shareholders or owners </li> <li> 3. Fundamental Principles John Pearce Working for the Common Good Caring for human resources Good governance and accountability Asset lock and use of profits Co-operation Subsidiarity </li> <li> 4. Quebec Business of the social economy to serve its members or the community rather than simply generating profits and focus on financial performance; it management autonomy from the state; it incorporates in its articles and ways to make a democratic decision process involving users and consumers, workers; She defends the primacy of people and work over capital in the distribution of its surplus, and income; operations based on the principles of participation, support and individual and collective responsibility. </li> <li> 5. La Tohu </li> <li> 6. Social Enterprise Asia Japan no separate legal definition Government seed funds social businesses with robust business plans Korea SE law to allow private firms to obtain subsidies for employing long term unemployed China- actively pursuing the idea. Government back SEs that create employment Mainly on East Coast, Beijing and Shanghai or major university towns like Ningbo </li> <li> 7. India - Social Enterprise Learning Journey </li> <li> 8. Social Enterprise in UK 62,000 social enterprises Different structures Enterprising Charities, voluntary organisations, Community Interest Companies, Co-operatives and mutual structures private companies with social objectives and profit distribution </li> <li> 9. Well-known social enterprises Eden Project Divine Chocolate The Co-operative, supermarket, bank John Lewis Partnership Cafe Direct Traidcraft Housing Associations </li> <li> 10. Not so well-known social enterprises Welsh Water Greenwich Leisure Services Hackney Community Transport Coin Street Builders One Water Hill Holt Wood Blue Sky </li> <li> 11. Social Enterprise a journey? Social Enterprise Incorporated Group Charity? Voluntary Paid Staff? Group Enterprising Behaviour </li> <li> 12. Social EntrepreneursSchool for Social Entrepreneurs, Liverpool </li> <li> 13. Best Practice in Employability Acumen has helped thousands of people back into employment or self- employment over the past five years through community engagement. It has also established a number of social enterprises at the heart of local communities. In the context of the recession such social enterprises potentially offer an important pathway for people to develop work skills and gain confidence ensuring they can still follow a transition back to work even in an economic downturn Source: IPPR Russell Commission on Public Sector Reform in the North East </li> <li> 14. Self Belief and Emotional Resilience </li> <li> 15. Employment Advisers </li> <li> 16. Homelessness to TenancyProperty Acumen provides:- Affordable short term supportedaccommodation Floating support A home within the local community A fully renovated property fully furnishedFor:Vulnerable young people aged 16 24who are homeless or on the verge of beingmade homeless </li> <li> 17. 1 acre of land 2 polytunnels </li> <li> 18. 9 permanent jobs 14 Future Jobs Funded posts 6 into work so far 20 offenders on community payback 30 qualifications for offenders 7 students with learning difficulties </li> <li> 19. Scale Supply Chain Buying/Selling Power Share qualitystandards/systems Sustainable community businesses </li> <li> 20. National Offender Management Service Prison gardening projects Probation community payback gardening Support to become businesses, reduce public sector spend Reduce re-offending </li> <li> 21. The Green Leaf Cafe </li> <li> 22. The Green Leaf Cafe </li> <li> 23. Innovation Model </li> <li> 24. Latest idea for an enterprise </li> <li> 25. Reap and Sow pop up Shop </li> <li> 26. Social Enterprise Acumen CIC </li> <li> 27. Social Enterprise Acumen Host County Durham Social Enterprise Business Forum Host RSA Social Entrepreneurs Forum NE School for Social Entrepreneurs NE partner for UnLtd (Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs) Contracts Matter Working with public sector on social enterprise solutions and development of the third sector </li> <li> 28. Kate Welch OBE Chief Executive 0191 587 8000 </li> </ul>


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