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  • 1. The 8 deadly sins of 48hrinnovation challenges8 deadly sins of 48hr innovation challenges - how to spot them and how to avoid themMy background - divergent + Global Service Jam 2011 & 2012Seen fair share of successes and failures when it comes to innovating within a tight time frame
  • 2. no fun & playBe wary of a lack of fun and play. take it all very seriously sucks the life out of your team restricts creativity guarantees boredom and bad outcomes
  • 3. Instead, inject as much play as possible, with focus on the job at hand - purposeful play Playfulness encourages creativity and teamwork. and helps people have a memorable and fun time.
  • 4. ideas not made tangibleIf all youre doing is talking about and writing about your ideas they wont be tangible and your team and the judges will likely have a hard time getting theconcept and being engaged and excited by it.
  • 5. Instead, always be making - make something, part of your idea, a whole concept, anythingshare it with others and test itlearn about its strengthes and weaknesses quickly and cheaplyadopt a build to think mindset - use making to resolve debates, answer questions and explore options.
  • 6. limited collaborationIf youre team starts to look a bit like this you might be in trouble. If one persons giving all the instructions and the rest are just following you might bemissing out on the collective power of the group to innovate.A lack of egalitarian collaboration discourages new ideas and different thinking and this all helps ensure a run of the mill result.
  • 7. Instead, get everyone involvedutilize the diverse skills and perspectives of the team, encourage contributionsa point about collaboration - its not consultation, heres my idea what do you think of it? its come and work with me to generate some ideas and testthem out.
  • 8. Ive got this great Yep thats how idea that youre just we do it in the Ivory gonna love... Dont need to hear any Tower. more, if you think its great then Im sure our customers will too. no customer inputThis is a biggie. If you here these kinds of comments in your team, raise the alarm! Developing something without customer input means you run therisk of your idea not having any value to the people that might use it, and this just aint good business.
  • 9. Image: Anneli Salo instead, hit the streets, pick up the phone... get authentic input from real potential customers to help you nd out about the strengthes andweaknesses of your ideas and even inspiration for totally new ideas.Dont fall into the trap of just designing for yourselves and assuming your customers will love it too.
  • 10. talking over doing and making Image: Mike Peel ( a 48hr challenge this is the deadliest!Nothing sinks a team faster than talking not doing!! talk goes around in circles talk stays in the abstract and talking can take up a lot of time for minimal return - youve only got 48hrs, theres no time for talk talk talk
  • 11. So instead of talking try doing and making, this makes ideas tangible and accessible - the brain learns via the hand helps you fail faster to succeed sooner is just plain fun!! different types of making - roleplaying, sketching, 3D prototypes, storyboards
  • 12. going for a hole in oneIt can be very tempting to go with your very rst idea, you may even already have an idea youre planning on running with.Bottom line is its likely to be very average converging on one idea early ensures you dont come up with better more innovative ideas and planning out your one great idea and hoping its a winner is a pretty big gamble to take.
  • 13. Instead, start by generating and exploring lots of different ideas, especially wild ones :)Place lots of small bets for just long enough to see what worksuse an iterative approach to move quickly through repeated cycles of - make, test, rene, make, test, rene = rapid improvementsThrough making and testing you can home in on the best ideas with condence that youre on the right track.
  • 14. over-focusing on technology Image: Florian Hirzinger www.fh-ap.comIts real easy to make technology your start point - lets do a smart phone app! or its gotta be online. Starting with a technology perspective ensures overlooking or lip-service to user needs might work for business, might be greatest use of tech but if it doesnt work for user it wont y
  • 15. Image: Roland Zh focus on the user/customer, what problems do people have that we could solve? what needs do people have that we could meet?Once youve got this clear then you can look at how best to maximise technology in solving that problem.Start with people and youll have a much better chance of coming up with something that you can build a successful business around.
  • 16. Weve tried that Thatll never before... No sorry, thats work! against the rules. loving the status quo Image: Keith Allison wary of too much love for the status quo, you can tell this is happening when: wild ideas are getting squashed quickly the focus is on why something wont work vs how it might people are recommending doing things they way theyve always been done.Too much love for the status quo ensures breakthrough ideas dont see the light of day, and Im reasonably sure the judges arent looking for status quo ideason Monday.
  • 17. Instead, try new things, run experiments, encourage wild ideas and give them a chance.Focus on how something might work rather than how it couldnt. Use questions like What if? and How might we?
  • 18. no fun & play ideas not made tangible limited collaboration no customer input talking over doing and making going for a hole in one over-focusing on technology loving the status quoSo 8 deadly sins or things to be wary of when trying to innovate in 48hrs:- lack of fun & play > inject purposeful play into everything we do- ideas not being made tangible > make ideas tangible- no collaboration > intense collaboration- no customer input > continuous customer input- talking over doing and making > a bias for doing and making- going for a hole in one > exploring a wide range of ideas- over-focusing on technology > focus on the customer- loving the status quo > try new things and favour wild ideas