The 3 Es of Scaling Content Strategy

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Today, business is digital. That makes content critical. Content now represents nearly a third of marketing budgets alone (Content Marketing Institute), and that proportion will only increase. Content is also the substance of most digital media products. So, you might have enjoyed some success with implementing a content strategy for a single product, website, or campaign. Now, how do you repeat that success, especially at a midsize or enterprise company? How do you make your content strategy scale? It's a question that often brings up many more questions for large organizations. The good news is you're not alone, so answers are emerging. This session for WebVisions in Chicago covered the 3 Es you need to know as you scale your content efforts: engineering, evaluation, and empowerment.


  • 1. 3esColleen Jones, @leenjonesTheof Scaling YourContent Strategy e

2. A SNEAK PEEK with CONTENT STRATEGYSTATIC LANDING PAGE PRODUCT DETAILS PAGE2 3. Scaling Your Content Strategye ngineering 4. WHAT ISCONTENTENGINEERING?Its planning thetechnology to deliverthe right content.4CONTENTPEOPLETIMEDEVICE 5. 5 6. ENGINEERING PERSONALIZATION 7. 7 8. PERSONALIZING?CONSIDER THIS How will you use customer data to drivecontent? Is your content architected / structuredto reuse in personalized ways?8 9. ARCHITECTING CONTENT CHUNKS FOR MANY REUSES9PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONCOLLATERALSEARCH RESULTSPERSONALIZEDNEWSROOM UPDATEPRODUCT TEMPLATEPRODUCT PAGEEMAIL NOTICES 10. Scaling Your Content Strategye ngineering valuation 11. WHAT ISCONTENTEVALUATION?Its a constant, ongoingassessment of whetheryour content is workingand why.11 12. GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR CONTENT 13. 11% of mobile usersentered through photopages. 60% of users bounced.WHY? 14. WHATSWRONGWITH THISCONTENT? 15. WHATS YOUR BIGGESTFRUSTRATION WITHEVALUATING CONTENT? 16. 16FIND TOOLS TO AUTOMATECOLLECTING + REPORTING DATATool Gap Assessment! 17. 18. 19. Scaling Your Content Strategye ngineeringvaluationmpowerment 20. WHAT ISCONTENTEMPOWERMENT?Its establishing theright content team(s)and enabling them tomake good contentdecisions.20 21. 21JONAH!VEEP 22. 22AN EMPOWEREDCONTENT TEAMCHECKLIST! 23. DepartmentSilosDisciplineSilosProductFeatureSilosChannelSilosContentcoachBRIDGESSILOS tomakeprogress 24. FRAGMENTED FILESTHRIVING HUBNOWFUTURE 25. Key CharacteristicsVISIONARYRELATIONSHIP BUILDERASSERTIVE 26. SHOULD THE CONTENT COACHBE YOU? 27. Scaling Your Content Strategye ngineering valuationmpowerment 28. QUESTIONS?Colleen Jones@leenjones 29. e xcellence


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