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The Texas State Ad Club contacted me about giving a presentation on how Social Media is changing the Advertising landscape. This presentation contains my thoughts as well as some secondary research.And like most Seniors/Juniors in college want to hear. I provided tips in landing a job within Advertising and advice for preparing for the real world.


<ul><li> 1. TxState Ad ClubJeremy Burns</li></ul> <p> 2. About Jeremy Burns Graduated Texas State Universityin May 2011 BBA in Marketing Served as Officer in the American Marketing Association Works at The PM Group Started off as a Media Intern Social Media Services/Media Compliance Coordinator Interests: Guitar, Golf, Outdoors, Music, Economics, Neuroscience, Advertising, Technology, Basketball, Football and Movies 3. Topics of Discussion The PM Group The Communication Melting Pot Tips in Job Hunting and Post Graduation Q&amp;A Internship Opportunities 4. The PM Group Started in 1988 by CEO Bob Wills Known as San Antonios Largest AdvertisingAgency Part of The PM Group Family: 5. Clients 6. Americanization Reflects the ChangeWithin Todays Advertising, Marketingand PR Industry 7. The Main Driving Forces of thisCommunication Melting Pot Is Technologyand Social Media*2012 Statistics: 4 out of 5 internet users visit social networks and blogs 50% of people follow brands in social media 75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel 84% of Smartphone Owners use Social Media to enhance theirshopping experience There are more iPhones sold per day (402k) than people born in theWorld per day (300k) Users accessing the web through mobile devices has almostdoubled every year since 2009 Mobile advertising is exploding during Q4 2011, mobileadvertising was up 39% *Data collected and posted by www.thesocialskinny.com 8. So How is Social Media and Technology Changing the Landscapefor Advertisers? More power to the consumer Customer Review Websites, Blogs, Virality Consumers are more skeptical of products/brands More transparency of service/products The playing field for small and large agencies/businesses are more leveled Low-cost of Digital Marketing and Advertising SMBs are capable of reaching specific target markets in niche /big DMAs as much aslarge companies and can convert higher sales Advertisers are challenged to not just reach but to frequently engage withconsumers This forces them to have a PR mindset as well as a Customer Service approach Secondary research for agencies is now transitioning to focus on behavioraldata rather than demographic data of consumers A new field of Marketing called Neuromarketing is vastly growing providing agenciesinsightful data on a consumers cognitive, emotional and behavioral affect towards aproduct, service or thought to better connect with them 9. What does this mean for thosewanting to break into the Digital AdWorld? Need to gain real world experience of theindustry to be considered for an entry-levelposition Need to be well knowledgeable of socialnetworks, digital advertising and web analytics Need to get involved in not just studentorganizations but even professionalorganizations after graduating 10. Tips in Landing a Job and Being Ready for The Real World 11. Tip #1: Internships Experience is key togetting a job in anyindustry Even though a majorityare not paid, theexperience itself willstand out Try to have 2 or moredone before yougraduate 12. Tip #2: Do more than just volunteer in an organization Become an officer inan organization thatpertains to your fieldof study This even means post-graduation 13. Tip #3: Fully Utilize LinkedIn Majority of students use LinkedIn just for jobhunting Participate in group conversations, startdiscussions and utilize some of LinkedInsfeatures: Amazon Reading List Slide Share Presentation Recommendations Eventually you will want to work to be seen as aThought Leader to others in LinkedIn 14. Tip #4: Build a Website of Yourself Employers are looking online so you want tomake it easy for them to find you. Have a website that highlights yourprofessional life example: www.burnzysworld.com Recommended sources for building a website: Wordpress Blogger 15. Tip #5: Develop a Portfolio 16. Tip #6: Realistically Plan Your Post-Graduation Life 17. Tip #7: Become a Student of Life There is always new knowledge to seek andskills to learn. Because of this, always maintain the mentalityof a student even after you graduate and areworking 18. Questions?Resources for You:The PM Group: www.thepmgrp.comWebsite: www.burnzysworld.comLinkedIn:Jeremy BurnsTwitter:@jburnzy88</p>