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  2. 2. Digital Strategy Review Business Growth Strategic Consulting Business Growth Accelerator Programme Services overview How we can help you grow your business Talino | Accelerating Business Growth Digital Marketing Services Its amazing what people and organisations can achieve when they have clarity on where they are going, what they need to do to get there, and why it matters Website Design & Development 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  3. 3. Strategy Development Talino | Accelerating Business Growth We believe that clarity is knowing where you are going, how you will get there and why it matters. It all starts with having a clear game plan. Our goal is to help you map out a clear business growth game plan in the quickest way possible sometimes this can be achieved in just a few hours. Options for us to facilitate this process include: Strategy Development We provide tailored consulting services to help you develop a comprehensive growth strategy for your business so that you have clarity about where you are going, how you will get there and why it matters. We help you to understand what digital can do for your business, and how to harness digital opportunities to bring you more opportunities for business growth. 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  4. 4. Strategy Review Talino | Accelerating Business Growth We facilitate half day and full day strategic review sessions to ensure that your business takes full advantage of emerging opportunities for growth and remains relevant in today's fast moving business environment. Our Strategic Review process can be customised to suit your specific needs a typical process is outlined below. Strategic Review Process Planning session with the Chairman / CEO 1 to 1.5 hours Consultant review of existing strategy documentation Full day facilitated strategic review development workshop with the Board and/or leadership team Documentation of outcomes in PowerPoint format and Growth Game Plan on a Page A review meeting with the Chairman / CEO with discussion of next steps including options for implementation support and CEO positioning and mentoring 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  5. 5. Business Growth Accelerator Programme Talino | Accelerating Business Growth Achieving your growth goals takes more than having a great plan. Talinos ongoing business accelerator is a structured programme to support businesses of various sizes to win in the game of business. Our philosophy is that businesses need to serve their owners and leaders to live a life that inspires and delights them. We become your business growth accountability partners and help you embed efficient systems to achieve the fastest path to sustainable growth. Programme Outline Strategy Day facilitated by Talino Principal Tailored business growth strategy documentation pack Digital Strategy Review report including digital marketing plan and marketing measurement tools Monthly strategy execution support meeting with Talino Principal/s Quarterly Business Performance Reviews Access to Talino business growth strategists for telephone and email support between sessions Access to the Talino members only Growth Zone knowledge portal containing business growth tools 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  6. 6. Digital Strategy Review Talino | Accelerating Business Growth If your digital marketing is failing to deliver the results that you want, you suspect that youre paying too much and getting too little, or it just feels fragmented and under- par, then our Digital Strategy Review can help. Its a small investment with big gains for your business. We start by understanding your business and your digital marketing activities, conduct an audit of your online marketing, then provide you with our written findings including recommendations for how you can improve and save money. Digital Strategy Review You will receive a detailed report that includes details on: Your current digital marketing activities and the effectiveness of the overall strategy and associated tactics Analysis of your competitors online performance Recommendations on how to increase sales leads and customer acquisition Recommendations for improving your brand penetration in the digital world Ways that you can save time and money on your marketing Then we offer you the option to work with us, or to take our lessons and apply them into your business with your current providers. 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Services Talino | Accelerating Business Growth We don't just do digital marketing, we grow businesses using digital strategy. When you engage us to take care of your digital marketing, you will have a Business Growth Strategist develop a tailored programme for your business, and a team that systematically takes care of each individual component. Our approach is transparent, so that you receive regular reports to show the results of everything that we do for your business. A Business Growth Strategist will be reviewing your marketing results and advising you how to optimize the activities so that they drive business growth. We can deliver a broad range of services, almost always for less than the cost of an individual team member in your business. You benefit from having access to a team of digital marketers, a range of skills and technologies, for less than the cost of one in-house team member. Our done-for-you digital marketing tactics include: Email marketing Lead generation and lead nurture Landing pages Digital sales funnels List management Blog editing and publishing Content syndication Linkedin admin support Search Engine Optimization 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  8. 8. Website Design & Development Talino | Accelerating Business Growth Did you know that 60-80% of website traffic is from a mobile device? If your site is not mobile responsive you are missing out on valuable traffic and your search engine rankings will automatically be lower. Simply put, it wont be doing the job it should! We design and develop contemporary websites that are affordable and provide a high impact brand statement about your business. Mobile responsive always! Professionally designed and developed Wordpress content management system (CMS) Integrated with downloadable content for lead generation Linked to email list management databases Social media sharing SEO ready Full project management Detailed user guide Your website is the online equivalent of your office or storefront and it should function as a 24/7 online cash register or lead generation machine. 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  9. 9. Benefits of working With Talino Talino | Accelerating Business Growth Recordings of strategy execution support meetings are provided for you to review at a later date We can work with you in any location through our secure video-conferencing system Strategy execution clients have access to our Business Growth Strategists on a continual basis We become your accountability partner in growing your business Access to the members only Growth Zone portal at www.talino.com.au which includes: Video trainings Step-by-step guides for digital tools Guidance notes Downloadable tools Business templates Digital marketing guides 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  10. 10. About us Talino | Accelerating Business Growth We are a specialist Business Growth consulting firm based in Perth Western Australia. We work with CEOs and business owners to help them achieve accelerated business growth. Our company was founded by Anne-Marie Clark and Carol Pearce, who believe that every person and every business has untapped growth potential. Both Carol and Anne-Marie are experienced executives with a solid record of achieving accelerated business growth and transformational change in a range of industries including membership organisations, industry associations, health, IT, public utilities, retail, offshore oil and gas, and the not-for-profit sector. We have a unique model which leverages technology and low cost resources to achieve accelerated growth and efficiency. This includes a managed service in the Philippines which provides digital marketing support for Talino clients. This team is led by Carol, who shares her time between the Australian and Philippine offices. 2015 Talino Pty Ltd
  11. 11. t +61 400 208 342 e connect@talino.com.au w www.talino.com.au Accelerating Business Growth