SXSW Interactive 2016 Workshop Proposal - Raising Capital

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Text of SXSW Interactive 2016 Workshop Proposal - Raising Capital

  1. 1. Proposed Workshop: SXSW 2016
  2. 2. Every Startup Needs Capital But so much time, energy and money is often wasted figuring out whats needed and pursuing the wrong capital. And the funding process can easily burn you out!
  3. 3. In This Workshop Get Real Hands-on instruction to create your funding documents (pitch deck and 1-pager) And Get Centered Tools to be clear, focused and aligned in the funding process
  4. 4. What Well Cover The Why The What Be Practical Be Mindful Why are you starting/running a company? What motivates you (money, success, creation, freedom, service)? What is your relationship with / fears around money and asking for money? What kind of business are you starting? How much capital do you need? What are your personal resources for money? Friends/family money? What are the realistic capital options for your type and stage of business? What is required to access that capital? Pitch Deck (template provided): best practices/tips + work on your deck + get feedback One-Page Executive Summary (template provided): get to work + get feedback Tools to become centered and focused and set aligned intentions Techniques for your pitch: The night before, The morning of, 5 minutes before, During, And after letting go of expectations
  5. 5. Two Amazing Facilitators Delilah Panio, MBA Startup consultant (business & funding strategies) Capital markets expert (10 years Toronto Stock Exchange) Entrepreneur (previously Stiletto Dash Inc.; currently co-founder of a nutritional genomics startup) Co-Chair of Women in LA Venture Association Jessica Schmidt, MBA Founder and CEO, Executive Sutra, a premier wellness and leadership performance organization MBA with distinction, Harvard Business School + 25,000 hours of management experience 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher
  6. 6. Choose Our Workshop to help entrepreneurs get the tips and tools they need to get real, get centered and get funded!