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    Surface Miners have proved the skeptics wrong by working successfully and economically in the very difficult Indian Mining Conditions.

    Surface Miners have, for sure, saved on cost and wherever they have worked, they have produced desired quality of product by allowing selective mining and more precise mixing of different grades. A high percentage of overall extraction is achieved too because of the precise nature of cutting of coal/minerals.

    Surface Miners help achieve good control of the product size . Also, mining leaves behind very well leveled benches saving huge costs and effort involved road and bench maintenance and handling costs.

    In a nutshell, Puzzolana Surface Miners will directly produce 75mm product direct from in-situ coal surface without drilling and blasting.

    Ruggedly built sturdy box frame integrated with side plates and lifting jack cylinder to withstand extreme shock loads . Four track steering is provided for efficient steering and control. Height adjustment is electro-hydraulic for achieving fine setting.

    The under-carriage & track assemblies provided are heavy duty type with wider footprint to provide extra tractive effort needed to ensure effortless movement while cutting to the set depth and provide optimized ground pressure for working in soft ground conditions. This ensures greater depth of cut and the rated production and required productivity from the overall system.

    Very robust drum type roll design, wear resistant set with up-milling configuration to achieve uniform depth of cut and near 85-87% -75mm product sizing. The drum is driven by Poly V-belt drive with automatic constant belt tensioning system.


    Under Carriage & Tracks

    Cutting/milling drum

  • Milling Drum:



    Tank Capacities:

    Driving Characteristics:

    Under Carriage:

    Shipping Dimensions:


    Minimum Turning Radius:

    Conveyor System:

    Cutting Width 2375 mm

    Max. Depth of Cut 350 mm

    Drum Diameter 1140 mm

    Make Cummins

    Model QSK 23

    Cooling Water Cooled

    Cylinders 6 inline

    Power Rating 950 Hp @ 1800 RPM

    Max Engine RPM 1800 RPM

    Displacement 23 L

    Compression Ratio 16:01

    Aspiration Turbo Charged and Charge Air Cooled

    Fuel Consumption, Full Load 162 L/Hr

    Fuel Consumption 2/3 Load 108 L/Hr

    Emission Standards EPA Tier II

    Electrical System 24 V

    Pump Drive Stiebel 4 Output

    Pumps Bosch Rexroth-Axial Piston pumps

    Fuel Tank 1500 L

    Hydraulic Oil 1500 L

    Water Tank 5000 L

    Travel Speed 0-85 m/min

    Track (L x B x H)( 2 Front & 2 Rear) 2800 x 430 x 870 mm

    Gradeability 85%

    Main Body 11000 x 3300 x 3700 mm

    Secondary Conveyor 9000 x 1500 x 1800 mm

    Total Machine Dry Weight 62300 Kg

    Total Machine with Full Tanks Weight 70750 Kg

    Inner Milling Radius 2900 mm


    Belt Width ( Primary & Secondary Conveyors) 1100 mm

    Theoretical Discharge Capacity 750 Cubic Meters per Hour*

    SURFACE MINER Technical Specifications

    *Conditions apply. PMF Engineering Ltd. reserves the right to change specifications without notice.






    94503600 2600

    Optional :

  • Engine

    Machine Control

    Dust suppression system

    Conveying system

    Ergonomic design with following features for safe & comfortable Operation:Anti vibration mounted sound proof operator's cabin platform.

    Ergonomically placed joysticks, control panels and other display units.

    Engine CAN-BUS and total hydraulic controls integrated with BODAS.

    Additional screen for camera display.

    Air conditioned cabin.

    Additional analog pressure and temperature gauge test points are provided on the rear of the cabin.

    Emergency exit from the rear of the cabin.

    Space for tool kit and other consumables.

    MOBA - level sensing system provided on the machine for continuous monitoring and controlling of the level / depth of cut, grade and slope of the machine.

    Optional-AUTO mode through the use of GPS navigation.

    Integrated operator protection system for crash protection.

    Operator's Cabin

    10 high beam white spot lights powered with hydraulically run alternator onboard.

    6 emergency stop buttons strategically located for safe operation are provided.

    Milling drum housing for cutting width from 2.2 to 3.8 M drumModel PMM2205WR available for Windrowing application with 2.2 M drum.AUTO mode with GPS navigation.Online tracking system using GPS / GPRS. Carbide tools for different applications.



    Optional equipment

    PMF ENGINEERING LTD.nd2 Floor, IVRCL Towers, Avenue-4, Street No.1

    Old Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 34. A.P., India. +91 40 23354573, +91 40 23354514/15, +91 40 23354574. Ph: Fax:

    E-mail: Web:


    Turbo-charged/charge air cooled powerful electronic control engine from Cummins with worldwide support is provided to ensure higher power delivery to the cutting point. The engine chamber is sound-proofed to keep noise level under allowable limits. Air intake through turbo-separator/air-pre cleaner arrangement to ensure long engine life is provided. Advanced cooling system with temperature sensing radiator fan to utilize optimum power for cooling is provided.

    A fine and positive control with dual joystick is provided. Continuous by variable machine speed over the operating range is achieved with both low and high speed selection. Steering modes are selectable through joy stick operation. Hydraulic traction control through flow divider with on / off arrangement together with continuous electronic milling / cut depth indicator using level and grade sensors are provided.

    PMM2205 and PMM2205WR models are equipped with dust suppression system for milling drum as well as conveyor using spray system.

    Continuously variable speed 1100 mm wide dual stage conveyor with 55 slewing angle on either side is provided.

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