Success with Requirements: Agile Requirements Work!

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Requirements are the basis for delivering value on agile projects. This presentation gives you an overview to the practices that make agile requirements work. For more detailed information, you will find a variety of articles here:

Text of Success with Requirements: Agile Requirements Work!

  • 1. Success with Requirements: Agile Requirements Work! Ellen Gottesdiener EBG Consulting, 2010

2. Ellen GottesdienerFounder & Principal Consultant,EBG Consulting Trainer, facilitator, mentor, agile coach, conference advisor Years of varied project and product experience Certified Professional Facilitator, Certified Scrum Master Expert Reviewer, contributor to IIBA BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) Author: articles, books eNewsletter: Success with Requirements free - sign up at 3. AgileRequirements Introduction Practices Requirements Summary (Still) MatterandResources 4. software development 5. rarelynever36%64%often always sometimes 6. agile moving mainstream 7. Requirements: basis for product development 8. requirements: emergent,elaborated just-in-time 9. continual customer collaboration 10. continual reprioritizing 11. prune the backlog 12. justenough in-timebefore 13. light touch 14. Tamped-down requirements 15. doneness 16. ready requirements 17. pull 18. work ahead 19. supplemental analysis models 20. YAGNIrequirements documentation 21. iteration now-view 22. release pre-view iteration now-view 23. product big-view release pre-view iteration now-view 24. product roadmap 25. Calibrate timingprecision completeness 26. agile requirementswork! 27. EBG Consulting, 2010

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