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The digital world is talking all about the newest social darling, Pinterest - and marketers are looking for ways to apply this channel to their business. Whether you are looking to use it in conjunction with email or just trying to understand if you should even care, StrongMail's strategy experts will help you figure it out.StrongMail's email and interactive marketing guru Kara Trivunovic will present all you know need to know about using Pinterest within your digital strategy or whether to just bail. We will look at what other brands are doing, how you can apply it to your efforts and unique ways to integrate it effectively into the email channel.Key Things You Will Learn:Current adoption and audience statisticsPotential marketing impact for multiple business typesStrategies for integrating Pinterest with email and other channelsRequirements for leveraging Pinterest successfullyFeatured Speaker:Kara Trivunovic - Global Director, Strategy and Market Innovation for StrongMail


<ul><li>1.Put a Pin In It!#StrongMailLeveraging Pinterest For Your Email BusinessKara TrivunovicGlobal Director, Strategy and Market Innovation@ktrivunovic PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL</li></ul> <p>2. Who is StrongMail? Founded in 2002; Headquartered in Silicon Valley Industry-leading email and social media marketing technology platforms Full agency services for email, social media, and interactive marketing Identified by Forrester as 1 of 6 email marketing providers best suited for enterprise marketers Global Reach: North America, UK/EMEA, APAC Over 575 customers, catering to mid-sized to Fortune 2000 brands StrongMail customers include some of the worlds largest brands in the retail, travel &amp; hospitality, financial services, media/entertainment and technology industriesProprietary and Confidential | 2 3. StrongMail CustomersProprietary and Confidential | 3 4. On the Agenda 1. What is it? 2. Should you use it? 3. How do you use it? 4. Integration with email 5. How do you measuresuccess?#StrongMail 5. What is Pinterest? Image source: 6. BasicallyImage source: Flowtown, via Column Five#StrongMail 7. The easy show and tell nature ofPinning has broken down barrierspreviously in place on social platforms,which has catapulted Pinterest in thereferrals category.This is the primary reason that brands arefrantically building their footprints. Image source: 8. Should you be on Pinterest?#StrongMail 9. Should YOU be on Pinterest? Are your customers primarily women from the age of 25-54? Image source: 10. Should YOU be on Pinterest? Is your brand visual in nature?Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: 11. Should YOU be on Pinterest? Is there a planning element to your brand? Weddings Birthday Parties Vacations Special Occasions Building a Home#StrongMail 12. Should YOU be on Pinterest? Does it align with your brand?#StrongMail 13. Whos Doing Business There?#StrongMail 14. What the Top Brands Are Doing Right** as identified by Pinterest Pinning from various sourcesnot just one siteRe-pinning from within the site to encourage engagementCreating several boards that cover a wide range of topics 15. How to Use Pinterest#StrongMail 16. Create Your Boards Create a list of buzz words that describethe interests of your customers Identify those words and themes thatlend themselves to strong imagery Include boards that mirror your emailofferings Stagger your rollout of new boards,allowing each to have time to shine Start adding Pins to your boards..#StrongMail 17. Populate Your Boards Start with images that are easilyassociated with your board nameand product offering Pick images that lend themselves tobeing shared (be Pin worthy) Pin from original sources Get creative with your descriptions.Include links, CTAs, pricing, etc. Give credit, when necessary, to theoriginal owner of the image Include search optimized keywords, #hashtags, etc.#StrongMail 18. Announce Your Arrival Send a dedicated email that launchesyour Pinterest campaign Provide special discounts andincentives for early followers and re-pinners Add Pin It buttons to products andimages from your web site that youwould like to have Pinned Promote across all social channels witha steady frequency Add the Pinterest logo to your standardsocial buttons 19. Know The Rules Pinterest is still a small but growing community. Be respectful of those who have come before you. Always credit your sources. Its very acceptable to share images that you curate across the web, just give credit to the proper owners.This isnt all about you. Provide value to those looking at your Pinsand let them find the value in you.So far Pinterest has been doing a great job of policing itself. It will bepart of your duties to report objectionable content, spamming, etc.Like the new social environments that came before Pinterest, incontinues to evolve quickly. Provide your feedback, it can only get better. Icon Source: via Emrah on Pinterest 20. Whats Legal?As with most start ups, the PinterestTerms are frequently being updated.Stay Current.Some guidelines to keep it safe: Pin original content whenever possible Always credit sources when they are not youImage Source: Pinterest recently provided an evenpolicy-vs-pinterest-terms-2012-03 easier process to report copyright infringement use it be aware of it To be less scary, Pinterest has recently removed the word Sell from its Terms when speaking about the content you Pin#StrongMail 21. Frequency Pin around email deployments to compliment the campaign Prepare your boards before an email, like you are preparing for an open house Rearrange your boards frequently to keep new boards, and featured pins, above thefold This keeps the wall looking fresh Weave your Pinterest activity into your current social media cadence and frequency Do not simply add it in as more Stay top of mind while Pinterest is still fighting for a spot at the table Pin at leastonce daily Allocate time to monitoring community and repinning Stay Social! Highlight Pins about events or products in email#StrongMail 22. Integrating Pinterest into yourEmail Strategy#StrongMail 23. Integrating Pinterest in to Email 24. Best Practices For Email integration Use email to announce your Pinterest presence Include Pin This icons on individual content within your email Deploy special emails designed to educate your database on the platform, continuing the buzz for those who have not yet joined Provide visual examples of your Pinterest activity in email Highlight the Pinterest activity of your most social community members within emails Add the Pinterest icon to your standard set of social buttons Tie specific boards to your email calendar, such as holidays, big events, social media trends, special sales or any highly supported Pinterest category to which you can establish relevancy#StrongMail 25. Pinning Content From Email[WEBSITE_URL] &amp;media=[IMAGE_URL]&amp;description [POST COPY] 26. Know Your Audience Make sure your Boards mirror the interests and activities of your customers/followers Have customized Boards for the various segments of your email database Know who is Pinning from your site and engage them on other social platforms Insert trending topics and #hashtags into descriptions to drive search to your Pins Allow for email opt-in opportunities from within relevant Pin descriptions Highlight active repinners in monthly newsletters#StrongMail 27. Key Performance Indicatorsfor Pinterest#StrongMail 28. Key Performance Indicators1. Build brand affinity2. Increase reach3. Develop brand evangelists4. Influence intent to purchase5. Drive salesImage Source: 29. Infer Something Customers that come to its website from Pinterest have a 70 percent largerticket overall than those that come from other social media sites [CEO] suspects that shoppers referred to Wayfair from Pinterest buy morebecause they may have already formed an emotional connection to theproduct Pinterest is "exploding," with traffic coming from Pinterest growingsubstantially in the first two months of the yearQuotes and image sourced from:CNBC, Why Pine for the PinterestCustomer? Theyre worth more. 30. What Have We Learned? Pinterest is here to stay and Its easy to get started. they own a piece of the Be strategic with your tactics puzzle. and integrate them into your Ladies love and email calendars. Pinterest is tailor made for Your descriptions are as visual brands.important as your images. Optimize them! Your current customers expect you to be there. Theyre looking right now! 31. Questions?To ask a question, please enter yourquestion into the Q&amp;A box on thebottom right-hand side of your screenKara TrivunovicGlobal DirectorStrategy &amp; Market Go to Whitepapers Research Case Studies Webinars Expert Advice &amp; Blogs Twitter: @strongmail </p>