Soft Skills for IT Professionals

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Presentation on "Soft Skills for IT Professionals" by Ms. Kannikar Sethi and Mr. Veerachai Mokkhawes at IMC Institute's seminar on "Technology Trends / AEC 2015 Shaping the IT workforce" 24 June 2013


<ul><li> 1. June 24, 2013Ms. Kannikar SethiMr. Veerachai Mokkhawes</li></ul> <p> 2. - ManpowerGroup - 3. - ManpowerGroup - 4. As organizations globalize, they face a talent deficit: only 21% of IT leaders are successful in aglobal environment. IT leaders have been groomedto be good domestic leadersfor years, but are not equippedto adapt to the complexities ofa global business environment.Great global leaders are criticalto team performance - a lack ofgood global leadership can resultin higher churn and lowerengagement.- Corporate Executive Board - 5. People join organizationbut leave their boss- Gallup 6. CIOs understand they need to manageIT processes in order to deliver resultsand to meet key expectations. They alsounderstand they need to lead people inorder to deliver on those goals,However, what many dont understandis the incredibly important interplaybetween the two.- The CIO Edge Seven Leadership Skills You Need To Drive Results , HarvardBusines Review -[Mr.Graham Waller, vice president and executive partner withGartner Executive Programs, in a Gartner Symposium/ITxpo report] 7. Human RelationsRational GoalOpen SystemsInternal Process- Quinn Model - 8. Drive for (organization) resultLeadership skillsStrong teamwork orientedDeal making &amp; meeting skillsKannikar Sethi 9. LeadOrganizationLead TeamLead ProjectLead SelfS POTKannikar Sethi 10.</p>


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