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Social Life on the Web

Social Networking

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Michael Monheit, Esq. looks at social networking sites that are appropriate for the Legal Profession.

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  • 1. Social Life on the Web

2. Social Sites have moved online! 3. Social Networking Software Community BasedUser built contentUser Shared Experience/Advice Relatively self-regulated enables grass roots content. 4. With tools for Blogging (Blogger.com) Message Boards (LawGuru.com) UserGroups (groups.Yahoo.com) ListServs (AAJ Litigation Groups) Bookmarking (Digg.com) Community Knowledge (Wikipedia.com) Personal Web Pages (FaceBook.com) Videos and Photos (YouTube.com) Topical Expertise (Squidoo.com) sharing information. 5. The Characteristics of Online Social Networking include: There is a high level of trust associated with information in Social Networks.

  • Rapid
  • Credible
  • Informal
  • Viral

6. The advantages of Social Networking Include: Inbound links are presently a currency of Web Site Popularity!

  • Building Inbound Links to Web Site
  • Obtaining direct referrals
  • Conducting research

7. Building Links is Like ShavingIf You Dont do It Every Day,You Look Like a Bum! 8. Blogs are likewe B LOGS Blogger.com (free) WordPress.com (free) TypePad.com (paid) LiveJournal.com a Diary 9. Only Blogs are digital, public, indexed,searchable & interactive

  • Blogs provide a framework for rapidly publishing information in real time.
  • They are useful for creating topical web site content.

10. We publish many blogssome on our own web sites and some off-site 11. Message Boards, Bulletin Boards & ListServs are... applications where people post questions and answers. 12. There are many types of Message Boards and ListServs. Groups.google.com AAJ Litigation Groups Craigslist.com Lawyers.com/communityChat.lawinfo.com boards.findlaw.com answers.com healthboards.com LawGuru Groups.yahoo 13. Bookmarking sites allow users to store bookmarks online and enter comments about the sites they visit. Digg.com StumbleUpon.com De.licio.us Furl.com BlogMarks.com 14. Wikies are notA wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language.The most commonly known wiki is Wikipedia. mean witches. 15. A facebook no longer is where you find a date for Friday Night! However, inspired by the booklet typically handed out to college freshman with pictures and names of their new classmates, FaceBook.com has grown into one of the largest online social networking sites. 16. There are many social network web sites that allow users to publish information about themselves and share with their friends. LinkedIn (professional networking) Facebook (personal profiles and interest groups) MySpace (personal profiles and interest groups) YouTube (share videos) SlideShare (share PowerPoints and PDF's) Squidoo.com (topical web pages) 17. How do you utilize a social network site? andparticipateby providing substantive informationOpen an account Build a profile Subscribe to features which you wish to monitor