Social Media & Personal Branding for Career Advancement

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Do you wish you could get more out of your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts?This presentation was given as part of a seminar on personal branding and career advancement. In it, we explore how to leverage social media to build and maintain an online personal brand that will help you get ahead in your career.


<p>Saving Newspapers</p> <p>Social Media and Personal BrandingAgence OmetzFeb. 16, 2011</p> <p>Who Am I? Agency Hack @nvi Staff Editor @revenews Netizen @gypsybandito &gt; 5 Years Experience</p> <p>Social Media Uses Branding Visibility CRM Social Notworking</p> <p>Social Media Difference</p> <p>Multi-Medium</p> <p>Two Way Medium</p> <p>The Multi-Medium Text Images Video Audio</p> <p>Two-Way Medium</p> <p>Two-Way Medium Brands talk to Consumers Consumers talk to Brands Consumer talk to Consumers</p> <p>Word of Mouth Before</p> <p>Word of Mouth Now</p> <p>"Your brand is not what you say it is. It's what Google says it is."-- Chris AndersonEditor, Wired MagazineAuthor, The Long Tail</p> <p>Search &amp; Personal Brand</p> <p>Search - Opportunity Be Found Control Whats Found Legitimacy / Credibility / Authority Own the First Page</p> <p>Search - Seriously 73% dont go past first page</p> <p> 71% dont go past first 5 results</p> <p> 10% go to 3rd result</p> <p> 4.5% go to 5th result</p> <p>Search - Blended Results Websites / Blogs Social Media Profiles Images / Video News</p> <p>Search &amp; Blogs Updated Content (comments) Structured Content RSS Feed Interlinking</p> <p>Blogging Ideas Industry Observations Tutorials / How Tos Company News Something More</p> <p>Blog Options Free Versions Hosted Solutions Professional Install / Build</p> <p>Free Blog Options (Micro)</p> <p>Hosted Solutions TypePad (Business) SquareSpace ($12-$25)</p> <p>Professional Install MovableType Drupal, Joomla, etc</p> <p>Blogging Ideas Industry Observations Tutorials / How Tos Company News Something More</p> <p>Image Ideas Logos Staff Products Events</p> <p>Video Ideas Product Demos Expert Interviews Commercials Professional Vlog</p> <p>News Options Coverage Press Releases Newswires</p> <p>Social ProfilesThe Big 3 Accounts Facebook LinkedIn Twitter</p> <p>Secondary / Alternative Accounts YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc</p> <p>Facebook A place where people connect A personal environment Personal / Professional Collide Limited Privacy</p> <p>Facebook Profile (Personal) Privacy (Settings &amp; Lists) Pages (Fans &amp; Likes) Facebook Connect</p> <p>Facebook To-Dos Share Status, Like, Upload, Tag Interact Wall, Messaging, Chat, Groupsk Reconnect Network, Events, Reminders</p> <p>LinkedIn Where professional network A professional environment Controlled Privacy</p> <p>LinkedIn Personal Profiles Groups Company Profiles Job Posts</p> <p>LinkedIn To-Dos Personal Branding Pic / Bio / Expertise Network Connect / Recommend Introductions Job Marketing</p> <p>LinkedIn Profile</p> <p>LinkedIn Profile Bio (keywords) Resume (keywords) Recommendations 100% Complete</p> <p>LinkedIn Groups</p> <p>LinkedIn Groups Discussions Member Networking Jobs Opps &amp; Promo</p> <p>Company Profiles Description (keywords) Services (keywords) Employee Profiles Analytics</p> <p>Company Profile</p> <p>Company Services</p> <p>Profile Analytics</p> <p>Profile Analytics</p> <p>Profile Analytics</p> <p>Twitter A place to share &amp; discuss A casual environment Real Time Status, Like, Upload, TagComplete Privacy </p> <p> Complete Privacy</p> <p>Twitter Profile Name Bio / Pic Username / URL Advanced Design, Clients, Lists, WeFollow</p> <p>Twitter To-Dos Listen Follow, Follow Back, Lists Share Tweets, Retweets Discuss @replies, #hashtags, DMs</p> <p>The Tweet</p> <p>The @Reply</p> <p>The Retweet (RT)</p> <p>The #Hashtag</p> <p>Questions?CT</p> <p>*SEO &amp; Social Media Roadmap for Online Publishers newspapers, bloggers, etc * Want people to see your content Returns users Monetize that content short-term and/or long-term****Its interactiveIts not just a top-down mediumIts also a bottom-up oneAnd a peer-to-peer oneIt doesnt just let brand talk to consumersIt also lets consumers talk to brandsAnd other consumers******30 different things that can show up in a blended resultWell focus on the ones available to usCant all afford/need a websiteBlogs are cheaper alternatives, but not all of us are writersSocial Media is for everybody*Now blogging is something that should have its own workshop or maybe several.But Im going to quickly discuss:- Why theyre such a powerful Social Medium- And the kind of content theyre good for in a professional setting **********Blogs are cheaper alternatives, but not all of us are writersSocial Media is for everybodyBig 3 is not necessarily their size, but their IMPORTANCE*</p>