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This is the final presentation of the BrainBoostCookies project group in the UCR class "Social Media Marketing"


<ul><li> 1. BrainBoostCookies LLC<br />1<br />Christoph Krienen, Andr Scholz, Christopher Henseler<br /></li> <li> 2. <ul><li>The Organizations Scope </li> <li> 3. The ACCESS Model </li> <li> 4. Social Media SWOT Analysis </li> <li> 5. Social Media Implementation Plan </li> <li> 6. The Four Pillars of Social Media Strategy </li> <li> 7. World premier of our commercial</li></ul>Topics Covered<br />2<br /></li> <li> 8. The Organizations ScopeType ofIndustry<br />food industry (secondary sector)<br />Main activities:<br />purchasing management<br />production<br />distribution<br />Marketing<br />3<br /></li> <li> 9. Cookies<br />The philosophy of BrainBoostCookies is to distribute a new product which increases the concentration with outstanding quality and highest convenience.<br />Icecream<br />Cookie flavored icecream with our brain boost providing ingredients<br />Coming soon<br />BrainBoost Energy Drink, Brain Boost Toffee<br />The Organizations ScopeProduct Lines<br />4<br /></li> <li> 10. The Organizations ScopeMarket Segments<br />5<br />Target market:<br />USA<br />premium segment<br />Target customers:<br />students, working people who have a need forenergyandconcentration<br />age: 14-55<br />trendy, modern lifestyleorientated people<br />Competitors:<br />energydrinks, regularcookies<br /></li> <li> 11. The Organizations ScopeDistribution Channels<br />6<br />Premium Coffee Shops <br />Gas stations<br />Bakerystores<br />Clubs / Bars<br />Future: <br />online shop (Create youowncookies)<br /></li> <li> 12. Increased Brand Awareness<br />generatea brandfamiliarity<br />generate word of mouth and buzz (blog, podcast, video)<br />Reputation Management<br />influence the way potential and existing customers perceive our brand (wikis, twitter, monitoring)<br />Build up a brand community<br />Forum, online games, mobile apps<br />The Organizations ScopeSocial Media Marketing Goals<br />7<br /></li> <li> 13. togetmoreinformationforoursocialmediaactivitieswecreateda customersurvey<br />toget a higherlevelofresponsewedrawrandomlysomeourmerchandisearticles<br />Customer Survey<br />The ACCESS ModelAudience Survey<br />8<br /></li> <li> 14. The energy blogger <br />high level of education <br />high level of responsibility <br />is always restless <br />uses social networks, mobile applications<br />knows a lot but not in detail<br />needs energy all day<br />The ACCESS ModelAudiencePersonas<br />9<br /></li> <li> 15. The non-sleeper<br />high level of education / high ranked job<br />needs energy to achieve all his targets<br />spends money on quality goods<br />health orientated<br />uses social networks in a moderate way<br />The ACCESS ModelAudiencePersonas<br />10<br /></li> <li> 16. The smart user<br />high level of education<br />lower job ranking level<br />uses coffee to increase his performance if needed<br />buys sometimes sweets, cake or cookies<br />is normally not an active part in social networks (only reader)<br />Prefers traditional ways of communication<br />The ACCESS ModelAudiencePersonas<br />11<br /></li> <li> 17. The epicure<br />uses coffee and sweets to escape from daily routine<br />different levels of education<br />hard worker, but energy not so necessary for fulfilling the tasks belonging to his job<br />careful with using money for buying sweets<br />is willing to spend money on good quality<br />is interested in giving his knowledge to others<br />lives a healthy way of life<br />The ACCESS ModelAudiencePersonas<br />12<br /></li> <li> 18. Social Media SWOT AnalysisStrenghts/Weeknesses<br />13<br /></li> <li> 19. Social Media SWOT AnalysisOpportunities / Threads<br />14<br /></li> <li> 20. 15<br />Social Media Implementation PlanThe Four Pillars of Social Media Strategy<br /></li> <li> 21. 16<br />Social Media Implementation PlanThe Four Pillars of Social Media Strategy<br /></li> <li> 22. World premier of our commerical<br />17<br /></li> </ul>