Social Media Marketing 2012 - HOT/NOT

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What you need to do to successfully market your business in 2012 and what not to do


<p>Marketing in 2012 Whats HOT and Whats NOT</p> <p>Social Media Marketing2012</p> <p>Whats HOTWhats NOT</p> <p>THE WORD PRODirect SellProducts &amp; Services no longer find customers Customers actively seek products and services themselves44% of direct mail is never opened ~ 84% of 25 to 34 year olds have clicked out of a website because of an irrelevant or intrusive ad and the cost per lead in outbound marketing is more than for inbound marketing ( of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social network (</p> <p>Referrals, Information &amp; Social Networking92% of consumers trust peer recommendations Only 14% trust advertisements (Nielsen Global)70% of people would not buy from a company with a badly designed website (One Poll)Not using Social Media to Market your Business? If you are not there I believe no amount of Yellow Page ads and refrigerator calendar magnets will save you. (Jamie Crager-Crowdshifter)</p> <p>Deal-A-Day DiscountsDaily deal discounts are not effective long term (Smallbiztrends)This type of discount provides a cash bump but depending on the discount may be unprofitableConsumers tend to use the discount and never return</p> <p>Facebook Ads &amp; DealsRun an Ad Campaign with a discount that only Friends of the Page may accessRetain these new Friends by providing excellent content and further dealsPractice follow-up and build a future relationship to ensure further purchases</p> <p>Facebook When You Have the TimeA forgotten or neglected Facebook Business Page translates as a failed attempt at Social Media Marketing. (Crowdshifter)That about covers that!</p> <p>Well-ManagedFacebook PageMore than 90% of consumers unsubscribe, unlike or stop following brands (on Facebook) because of too frequent, irrelevant or boring communications. ( Admins must monitor what Friends are most interested in regarding updates.Figure out if your Page is a source of information, a forum for customer service, a combination of this or something else.(Laura Donovan, The Word Pro)Post Status Updates a few times a day every day. Status Updates now have a News Feed life of 3 hours posting once every few days or once a day is no longer enough. (Hubspot)</p> <p>Inbound marketing is going to be a Mega-Trend of 2012, according to MediaPost. With the economy at the start of the recession/recovery companies are cost-conscious and seeking cost effective ways to market.Inbound marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound advertising (Hubspot). Inbound marketing includes content marketing promoting content using search engines, Social Networks, blogging, email marketing and public relations.This is not a fad or the next shiny object, according toMediaPost; it is a long-term commitment of time and energy. Inbound marketing takes a lot of time but the cost of this marketing strategy is low in comparison to outbound advertising (direct mail, Yellow Pages, billboards, print ads, etc.).The newest strategy to provide the most exposure, hit the search engines, gain customers and get referrals will be a top-notch inbound marketing campaign with fabulous content.</p> <p>Is Your Campaign Hot?Today, much of what we see is still traditional marketing disguised as social media. Brian Solis</p> <p>When most of us took our marketing classes, we were taught traditional marketing strategies. However, today, we realize that there has been a sea change in the way marketing is done, and we are scrambling to understand how social network marketing works, why it works, and how fits into our businesses. </p> <p>Many have turned to seminars, webinars and workshops (we have even taught a few ourselves) to understand what social media marketing is and how we can use it. The problem is, even when you understand the concept, you are left trying to implement a social media campaign that sometimes seems counter intuitive. Marketing that is not marketing!</p> <p>Using social media platforms for traditional marketing doesnt work, and may end up hurting your business instead of helping. Do you understand the difference?</p> <p>Get HelpFacebook Marketing SolutionsI Do FacebookThe Word ProSocial Media ExaminerMashableAll FacebookAll TwitterSocialTimes Laura M. Donovan(630) 362-4538laura@thewordpro.comSandy Ketcham(815) 556-8505sandy@thewordpro.comThe Word ProDigital Media MarketingContent Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing</p> <p>Whats Really Hot?Being a Facebook Friend of The Word Pro!Tips, Tricks &amp; Information on Social Media and Digital Media MarketingFacebook Friends also receive exclusive discounts &amp; savings.Click the Link below and Click LIKE on our Page</p>


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