Social Media Marketing 2012

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Social Media Marketing is the channel to build your brands online.


  • 1. Reality Marketing via Print isDead Long Live Social Media Marketing!!

2. Social Media Marketing For This Generation!!The evolution of your brand via SocialMedia and Online marketing is Vital.You are going to see a serious movetowards Marketing via sites likeYoutube, Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Myspace, Flickr, Wikipedia,Digg, Blogger, WordPress etc.Real estate sector in particular is goingto see a vast change in marketingstrategies. Today, The primary focusof Reality Marketing is vianewspapers and magazines, which is aterrible waste. 3. Social Media MarketingThis terrible waste of marketing spendalong with cutting of trees to print hasto stop & Marketers need to Go Greento get their best returns.The property you are trying to markethas to start showing up in local websearches and online with 360 degreeweb based tours, sale/rent comparisonand comprehensive details of theproperty. 4. Social Media Marketing For Branding!!New Age Online Positioning of yourreal estate property or product isimperative to survive with video toursand 360 degree walk-throughs.Property Listings online, Recent salescomparables & sites like craigslist thatlet you publish your property detailsonline for free are making thenewspaper classifieds worthless.Magazines and Newspapers with staleinformation from a week ago or monthago are a thing of the past. 5. Social Media MarketingThe omnipresent nature of socialmedia with its ever accessible natureis going to make Property and RealityProduct Marketing sizzle online.An NAR survey sponsored by theGooder Group found that 74% ofpeople shopping for a real estateprofessional go with the first one theycall. That means if you earn that firstcall from a prospect, you have a 74%chance of turning them into a client. 6. Social Media MarketingYoure not selling an inexpensivetoaster. Youre selling mostly a sixfigure or seven figure product that willhave an impact on the finances andultimate happiness (or unhappiness) ofyour clients. Words on paper can sell atoaster. Words on paper cannot sellyour prospects real estate.You know the importance of webvisibility, because youve read thestatistics about buyers and sellersusing the Internet to find homes andreal estate. 7. Social Media MarketingOnline Positioning, can get youprospects ready for the next step theymight take (in this case, responding oremailing you proactively instead ofyou needing to hunt the world forleads). After that first contact, theresplenty of time to show them yourability to deliver.Give your real estate marketing abreak and move online to see yourmarketing ROI expectations exceeded.Lot more response locally and somefrom across the globe is inevitablewhich will hopefully tickle you. 8. Let online marketing and social mediado what its best at. Let it move theprospect forward in your ultimateplan. Good Luck and God Speed!!


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