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WorldClass Brand Management (, the company behind the WorldClassID social media broadcasting service, is pleased to announce the launch of this truly industry changing social software service in the SocialSphere. Just like Software-as-a-Service or SaaS has become the standard for cloud computing, Social Networking Software Service or SnsS is predicted to become the standard for social network management. At a time when managing your personal brand or your corporate brand has become increasingly important, the logistical nightmare of managing multiple username and passwords for numerous social networking sites has been solved. For more information about becoming a WORLDCLASSID CUSTOMER visit or to schedule an interview with Mr. Kendell Lang, please contact by email at or by phone at 760.445.3315. social-media-broadcasting-service, "social media", "social networking", social-media-marketing


  • 1. WorldClass Brand Management powering Corporate Brand Channel and Personal Brand Channel WorldClass 2010 WorldClass Brand Management, Inc. All Rights Reserved Protecting Online Reputations
  • 2. WorldClass Brand Management It starts with a question: 1. Is someone Googling you right now? WorldClass 2010 WorldClass Brand Management, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 3. WorldClass Brand Management What started with: WorldClass
  • 4. WorldClass Brand Management Has turned into: WorldClass and hundreds more
  • 5. Are you confused yet? WorldClass
  • 6. WorldClass
  • 7. WorldClass
  • 8. WorldClass Brand Management The Problem: Do you know what information is being presented when someone searches your name? Do you control what information is being indexed? Is the information on the Web actually you? Do you know how to defend your reputation online? Are you being found by relevant keyword searches? Do you have a Strategic Social Networking Plan? WorldClass
  • 9. Forrester Research estimates social media marketing to grow at an annual rate of 34 percent faster than any other form of online marketing and double the average growth rate of 17 percent for all online mediums
  • 10. Pepsi chooses social media campaign over Super Bowl 2010 is the first year that Pepsi will launch a social media campaign instead of advertising at the Super Bowl.
  • 11. WorldClass Brand Management Here are the major areas you will need to include in your strategic plan, and we are excited about the possibility of assisting you if you want a professional team to build and manage your online reputation. WorldClass
  • 12. WorldClass Brand Management Facebook in the SocialSphere In April 2008 FaceBook hit a huge milestone: they officially caught up to MySpace in terms of unique monthly worldwide visitors! This means you need to have a presence here, but do you have time to regularly post updates, respond to requests, produce a fan page, make a business connection? If you've previously had a MySpace, do you keep it or delete it? Can you manage both? FaceBook is one of the most effective ways to connect with people on the internet IF you know what you're doing. Sadly, most marketers will hop on FaceBook and shoot themselves in the foot before they even get started! If you make just one of these critical mistakes you will not be able to leverage FaceBook to build your business. Our team has the experience, skills and tools to DOMINATE on FaceBook. The hidden tactics we use as part of your overall Brand Strategy alone are worth $1000's of dollars in PROFIT for your business. WorldClass
  • 13. WorldClass Brand Management Twitter in the SocialSphere Twitter has been one of the fastest growing social networking websites in recent years. What this means is that Twitter's an absolute goldmine for educated online business owners & network marketers! Our Twitter experts know exactly how to create, manage and promote your Brand using Twitter. Our Twitter team leverages a handful of cutting-edge marketing tools to generate leads using this amazing new social marketing community! If you aren't familiar with Twitter, don't know how to create a tweet, what it means to be followed or be a follower, or how to retweet...don't worry, we'll take care of all the details for you. Your kids will be amazed that you've got this handled. WorldClass
  • 14. WorldClass Brand Management Video Marketing in the SocialSphere Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to get indexed on organic search engines, which is 100% FREE TRAFFIC! However, 90% of internet marketers think that since YouTube is the biggest video hosting site on the internet, that it's the ONLY site. BIG MISTAKE. Yes, YouTube is definitely the largest video hosting site on the internet, but you're leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table if you're not implementing strategies that put your videos on 40+ different video hosting sites, social bookmarking sites, podcasts, blogsites, etc. with the click of a button. Our team achieves 9 out of the top 10 Google positions for certain keywords in a 48 hour period. THIS IS KILLER! We'll also work with you to develop your own Branded Video, what to say in a video, how to say it, and how to position yourself so that your videos convert even if you've never been in front of a camera before... ;) WorldClass
  • 15. WorldClass Brand Management Blogging in the SocialSphere Your blog is your central nerve center. A professional looking blog can boost your Brand and improve your business profits 100-fold IF you know how to drive serious traffic to it. That's where we come in... The blogging experts on our team are some of the most advanced bloggers on the internet. Do you want to personally spend the time to learn how to use just the top 6 blogging websites? Each one is different and each one has unique technology aspects which you can certainly learn. As our client we will set-up your very own wordpress blog and two other blog sites. Then we will work to turn your blog into a lethal weapon that can generate new leads on a daily on complete autopilot. In order to do what we do, each site must install specific wordpress widgets & plug-ins, tricks & tools, but our team has got you covered and will take care of all the technical details. WorldClass
  • 16. WorldClass Brand Management Web 2.0 in the SocialSphere Our Team includes MASTERS of every single form of Web2.0 marketing, which is basically any marketing platform where users can interact with one another and share information. It's not just FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace... Far from it. Some of the most profitable Web2.0 sites include things like Hubpages, Squidoo, and LinkedIn along with countless others. Our team is going to implement for you all the leading edge Web 2.0 technologies to leverage ALL FORMS of WEB2.0 marketing so that we can assist you to generate an endless amount of laser- targeted leads to your business... FOR FREE! The rapidly-rising popularity of social networks have changed the rules of customer interaction. Using Web 2.0 social networks effectively requires some basic knowledge and a framework that will keep things running smoothly. That is the value added aspect of our Brand Management service. WorldClass
  • 17. WorldClass Brand Management Keyword Research in the SocialSphere Our team is also going to walk you through exactly how we've been able to choose keywords and scientifically know before we even start marketing whether or not that keyword is going to MAKE MONEY. Can you say POWERFUL? We will guide you through a Keyword Validation study which is a very productive exercise and will give us the basic information around which the balance of your Brand Management program will be implemented. It is generally accepted in the SEO industry that trying to rank a homepage for anywhere near 100 keywords is unrealistic, so including that many keywords can actually be a negative. We recommend a strategy to break up the keywords across your homepage and other subpages across your website and social sites which are all focused on increments of other keywords. WorldClass
  • 18. WorldClass Brand Management Articles and Press Releases in the SocialSphere Using effectively written Press Releases and industry-specific articles positioning our clients as subject matter experts is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies on the Internet. To prove this for yourself, just Google ANY keyword... there's a 90% chance that at least one of the top 10 positions on Google is an article or press release! However, most internet marketers don't dig deep into article marketing as a serious lead generation source. We extensively use our network of hundreds of distribution outlets for rapid and effective publication of articles and press releases which get immediate distribution across this network. We have spent years compiling, managing, updating and maintaining our list of the most effective distribution outlets and we make all of that work and research available for the benefit of our clients. This means big results for you! As a member of our elite client team you will be the beneficiary of some of the most advanced article marketing strategies that will put you on the first page of Google FAST. WorldClass
  • 19. WorldClass Brand Management MySpace in the SocialSphere In 2006 MySpace hit the 100,000,000 account status... it is now 2010... you do the math. MySpace can be just as powerful as FaceBook if you learn some of the tips and tricks our team knows how to implement for you. MySpace was the marketing platform that some of the biggest internet superstars on our team started with just a few years ago. Imagine all of the knowled...


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