Small Business Tips: 10 Instagram Contest Critiques

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Do you market your small business on Instagram? Do you engage with Instagram contests? Do you need better results? If youre a small business, this mobile platform can be a very hip and visual way to connect with your customers. Add a few Instagram contests, and you could have a viral marketing hit on your hands. Now, as you know, most small businesses dont often have a massive marketing budget, or a team of graphic designers and marketing creatives. As I was researching for this article, I found a lot of super cool contests. I also found a lot of epic fails. Heres a diverse selection of 10 small business Instagram contests, and tips on what you can learn from them. To read more:


<ul><li>1.Small Business Tips: 10 Instagram Contest Critiques </li></ul> <p>2. Table of Contents: Types of Contest Examples Like to Win Instagram Contests1 2 Photo Contest of Selfies Photo Contest with Voting3 In-store Photo Contests4 Photo Contests through Your Website5 Photo Contest with Products6 3. Like to Win Instagram Contests 1 4. Like to Win Contest: Drinkwel 1 Simple and easy to enter: Gets more entries, more followers 2 3 Weekly contests: Creates quick and frequent entries from contestants (Potential customers get to interact a lot with your brand) Change the image to be more people- centric: Contest has great CTA, but image is boring, and impersonal for Instagram 5. Photo Contest of Selfies2 6. Selfies Photo Contest: Omnomnom Cookies 1 Friendly contest image: Makes contest fun and personable 2 3 Short entry period: Makes quick CTA for entrants Contest is a one-off: Weekly contests, with various themes/ prizes = momentum and engagement 7. Selfies Photo Contest: Wedding Wire 1 Brand related contest theme: Gets entrants thinking about weddings when they enter to win 2 3 Promote contest: Post a follow-up reminder to get more entrants Contest image is boring: Customize graphic to make it more personal and friendly 8. Photo Contest with Voting3 9. Photo Contest with Voting: Habby Travels 1 Include public voting: Get your contest (and business) shared even more 2 3 Make themed UGC: Make company related theme to get lots of authentic photos Many entry methods is logistical nightmare: Use third party contest app to make it easy - for you - and for customers to enter. 10. In-store Photo Contests4 11. In-Store Photo Contest: Travel Country 1 Gets foot traffic: Photo entries must be from in store 2 3 Great Prize: Prize is brand related, and motivating Too long: Contest is one month. Get faster action by running weekly contests 12. In-Store Photo Contest: Tender Greens 1 Gets patrons in the door: Photo entries must be from inside restaurant 2 3 Great contest graphic: Make your image easy to read, with example photos, and friendly font Be more interactive: Include public voting to choose the contest winner(s) 13. Photo Contests through Your Website 5 14. Photo Contest through Website: Mommy Page 1 Great prize: Prize is relevant to target market 2 3 Make a community online: Share all photos on website or hashtag, making community for your market Enter photos via Instagram: Set up your contest to get photos through Instagram too. (Use a good Instagram Photo Contest app) 15. Photo Contest through Website: Eyemimo Cosmetics 1 Keep contest image simple: Make sure your contest graphic is easy to read, and not too busy 2 3 Use common hashtags: Spread the word about your contest with tags like #photocontest Promote website contest on Instagram: Make it easy to enter your photo contest directly through Instagram, too 16. Photo Contest with Products 6 17. Photo Contest with Products: AMP Diapers 1 Increase prize offering: To get more moms to enter, offer a more valuable prize 2 3 Get great product UGC: Use product photo contests to get authentic photos from your customers Create Instagram community: Use a contest specific hashtag, for your entrants to share photos 18. Photo Contest with Products: Friday and River 1 Use Instagram photo contests to market wares: Easy way to get UCG, and share your own product images 2 3 Show product well: Photograph real people using products, to connect better on Instagram Run frequent contests: Have contest run every week, to get a quicker CTA from your entrants. 19. Thank you for viewing! Check out for more! Wishpond makes it easy to run social media marketing campaigns. Learn more at </p>


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