Slides: Stories, Numbers & Conversations: Nokia's social media marketing principles

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  • Stories, Numbers, Conversations

    Nokias principles for social media marketing

    Brilliant Noise September 2012@brilliantnoise


  • Webinar

    - Challenge: Social at Scale

    - Context: Social is the Shift

    - Nokias Principles

    - Q & A

    Craig HepburnGlobal Digital Director, Nokia


    Antony MayfieldFounding Partner, Brilliant Noise


  • Talking to yourself (in public)

  • Telling its own social media story

    - Already active in social media

    - Need to do social at scale

    - Global teams

    - Business challenges

  • ChallengeSocial at scale

  • Social brands that have gone furthest, fastest...

  • StarbucksDellBurberry Red Bull Coca-Cola Bank of America Marks & Spencer

  • What do they have in common?

  • - Leadership: A mandate from a senior leader

    - Clear values and vision: They know what the organisation is about

    - Principles-led: Articulate how they want to operate

    - Piloting & scaling: Managed experiments with managed risk and clear metrics, leading to the building of systems and resources to build on success

    - Frameworks & Governance: Systems to guide projects and connect key stakeholders

    - Digital literacy: They invest in digital skills across the organisation

    Six Brilliant things social brands do...

  • With values and vision being established...

  • This project focused on Principles and Scale...

  • ThemesSocial is the shift

  • Social media is a proxy for change

  • Tell the story of what socialmeans to the business

  • From strategic contextto operations...

    image (cc) Annalisano | Flickr

  • Consumer behaviour has changed

  • So - like all brands - Nokia must change

  • There is a need for asocial business case

  • And a focus on the consumer

  • Model first published Harvard Business Review

    Nokia is embracing customer-centric models






    Mckinsey & Cos Consumer Decision Journey Model


  • StoriesNumbers Conversations

  • Robin Sloans model ofStock & Flow

  • Stories- Ability to tell compelling brand

    stories to consumers

    - Editorial and creative

    - Nokias stock (see Robin Sloan)

    - The agents of its reputation

  • Conversations

    - Community: the network of connections with with consumers around the brand

    - Dialogue keeps the organisation open, honest and in touch with consumer needs and feelings

    - The flow of communications in Robin Sloans model

  • Numbers

    - Data and insights that flow into Nokia from the social web - and vice versa

    - Metrics: uplifts in advertising performance, awareness and engagement

    - Evidence to base business decisions upon

  • NokiasSocial media principles

  • 1. Consider the social opportunity in everything we do

    2. Engage in better conversations with more consumers

    3. Deliver personal experiences, be authentic, and earn trust

    4. Sharing is more important than control

    5. Define clear objectives from the outset

    6. Invest and commit to social presences

  • Consider the social opportunity in everything we do 1.

  • It is an approach, not a technology

    image (cc) Wikipedia


  • TRONSponsorship

    image (cc) Disney

  • Engage in better conversations with more consumers

  • NokiaSocializer

  • Connectingwith consumers

  • Deliver personal experiences (be authentic) & earn trust

  • Nokias#FollowFriday

  • Sharing is more important than control 4.

  • Nokia Shorts 2011


  • Define clear objectives from the outset 5.

  • SocialCommerceSuccess

  • Invest and commit to social presences 6.

  • Nokia Connects

  • Conclusion toward a social business

  • Conclusion

    - Make social a priority for the business

    - Models like Consumer Decision Journey help marketers plan social

    - Clear principles, backed with investment, are key to building brand capabilities in social media

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