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Skill Accelerator training material product overview.

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  • 1. 1Intensive Training. Sharper Skills. Improved Performance.

2. Skill Accelerator: A New Approach2Interactive Training and Coaching Generic OR CustomisedDelivery Options Your Team Online TLSA 3. Skill Accelerator: A Flexible ApproachTeam EventsOne-to-One CoachingEasily integrated into existing trainingSales Meetings Sales Conferences3 4. Skill Accelerator: The TitlesSales Skills 1.Winning Appointments2.Questions & Active Listening3.High Yield Questioning4.1.Customer Service in Action2.Managing Customer Calls3.Customer Service SkillsClosing the Sale6.Customer Service SkillsSelling Benefits5.4Managing ObjectionsLeadership Skills 1.Vision, Goals & Strategy 5. How does Skill Accelerator Work? Three phases: Training: Coaching Presentations Debates Role Plays ProjectsBusiness SimulationDebrief Tests Learning Critical Thinking Embed Knowledge Simulation Results Learning Action Plans5 6. Integrate Your Core Business Deliverables:GenericCustomised Tailored by you through practical projects in the coaching session Standard Simulations Tailored through practical projects in the coaching session Simulations customised to your business6 7. Business Simulation7Business DecisionsDevelops Critical ThinkingA compelling and engaging approach to developing people!Tests and Embeds Learning 8. Business Simulation8Engages New & ExperiencedChallenges Current PracticeDevelops New Skills SimulationStart.exe 9. Skill Accelerator: Setting Higher StandardsFlexible material, re-usable and consistentA platform to capture knowledge within your organisationSustainable development, in short high impact burstsChallenging for new and experienced professionals9 10. Skill Accelerator: Managing an Event 2 Coaching1 Preparation Print Participant Notes Prepare Coaching Notes Set up Slides 3 Simulation4 Debrief Simulation Results Decision Feedback Action PlansPresentations Debates Role Plays Projects Small Groups Individuals10 11. Skill Accelerator: What is Included?11Coaching GuideParticipant NotesPowerPoint SlidesCD: Copies of all filesSimulation GuideVideo TutorialCoach.pdfNotes.pdfSlides.ppt 12. Contact12Richard Sprott e: t: 01420 538 631 dd: 01420 538 765TLSA International Ltd Kemps Place, Selborne Road, Greatham, Hampshire, GU33 6HG w: e: t: 0845 600 1556