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  • 1. FILTRATION ,SEPARATION AND AERATION ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIESSUREFLO CLEAN TECHNOLOGIESMumbai,India. THE ART OF FILTRATION, SEPARATION & AERATIONWe provide customized solutions for your Filtration, Separation & Aeration Needs. SUREFLO CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES 263/4, Madhuhans, Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai 400030Tel : 022-24224228, Fax : 022-24228724 Email : sohail.gupta@gmail.comwww.sureflo.in

2. Company Profile of SFCTSureflo specializes in the design and manufacture of ADVANCEDFILTRATION SYSTEMS, SEPARATION SYSTEMS AND DIFFUSEDAERATION SYSTEMS to meet virtually any water requirement. Years ofexperience in water treatment industry has enabled us to producedurable equipment that performs well in almost any application.History of SFCTThe Team of SFCT has been in the filtration & separation businessfor over 25 years all over India and Overseas.SFCT is firm in its commitment to research, development, andproduction of advanced technologies that address specific worldwideenvironmental challenges. Our prime focus is on customizedsolutions and treatment equipment to meet the water qualityrequirements in residential, commercial, and industrial markets.DesigningSFCT has a team of experienced professionals for designing variousequipments for your water need.ManufacturingSFCT has manufacturing facilities at Bangaluru, Goa andNerul, where all the fabrication requirements are takencare of.Technical Tie-UpsSFCT has a number of technical tie ups with companies acrossthe globe for new and efficient technologies. SUREFLO CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES 263/4, Madhuhans, Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai 400030Tel : 022-24224228, Fax : 022-24228724 Email : sohail.gupta@gmail.comwww.sureflo.in 3. Introducing the revolutionary SFCT-DISC-RO SYSTEMS.RADIAL FLOW DISC TUBE MODULE-Reverse Osmosis is a cross-flow filtration process.Operation pressure range: 10 bar to 150 bar for upto 95% recoveryrates.Applications: Purification of landfill leachates, Purification of Industrial Wastewater, Reclaim of fluids from process rinsing and wastewater, Desalination of sea water for drinking purposes, Production of Ultrapure water (pharmaceuticals ormicroelectronic production) Concentration of products, process liquids, juice orvinegar,etc.3 4. Products & Services1. FILTRATION: A. AUTOMATICVALVE LESSGRAVITY FILTERMost suitable for side stream filtration of re-circulating cooling tower water.No Moving PartsNo Backwash Pumps, Valves, Flow Controllers RequiredNo Electrical Requirement for OperationAutomatic Backwash, no need of ManpowerCompact and Modular DesignUniform High quality treated Water Available in:Minimum sand loss or carry overFlow range : 5 M3/hr to 750 M3/hr( Stand Alone occurs Units)Stores own reservoir ofMOC : Carbon Steel Backwash water for backwashing purpose Applications: Side Stream Filters for CoolingWater Recirculation, Full Stream Filters. Industries Covered: Power, Steel, Fertilizers,Cement, Tyre, Rubber etc.Item #: SFCT/VAGFType: Automatic Filter B. AUTOMATICSELF CLEANINGFILTERSOur series of Automatic backwash filters delivers unbeatable performance.For liquid filtering applications that require unattended operation, maximum uptime,Solids removal from 20 to 2000 microns. Solids removed include particules, suspended solids, macro organisms, sand, silt, algae, fish and mussels eggs, etc .Back flushing control sytems: 1.Hydraulic Controlled Operation Pressure *: 2bar P 10bar 2.Electric Controlled Filtration Level: 15.....3000 micron3 Cleaning Systems:Capacity: 5....3000 m /h1.Brush Mechanism MOC : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel2.Suction Nozzle Mechanism Applications: Side Stream Filters for CoolingItem #: SFCT/ASCF Water Recirculation, Full Stream Filters Industries Covered: Lake-Sea-River Water,Type: Automatic Filters Industrial Water, Cooling Water, etc. 5. C. CAST BODY / FABRICATED FILTERS & STRAINERS .AVAILABLE IN:1.Simplex Type2.Duplex Basket Single 6-PortTransflo Diverter Valve Filters3.Multiplex Basket Filters From Coarse to Fine Filtration down to 0.24.Bag Filtersmicrons5.Cartridge Filters MOC: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L,6.Y, Tee and Conical FRP, PP, PVC, LinedStrainers Cast body :25 mm - 300 mm SW / BSP (Scd.) flanged Fabricated body 50 mm 750 mm, flanged /Item #: SFCT/FSBWType: Filters & Strainers Custom built designs for varying sizes, flow rates, pressures, temperatures, viscosities, microns/mesh size. Wide Filter media to suit applications D. Water Intake Screens, Debris FiltersIntercepting and trapping of the floating impurity of water, Suspended Solid of the pre- treatment of Hospital, School, Livelihood Sewage, Small City Sewage Treatment Plant and small/medium Industry sewageFor removing the past- equipment(pump) of the waste water treatment to avoid clogging by the impurity. Available in: 1. Automatic Back Clean Type 2.Automatic Front Clean Type 3.Automatic Cable Operated Type Machine Frame Material: Standard/Alternative:Item #: SFCT/ABS Stainless Steel ( SUS304) / Carbon Steel-SS400 with Anti-Type: BAR SCREENSCorrosion Treatment Option /Stainless Steel (SUS316) /Other special materials 5 6. E.Coolant, Waste OilFiltration, Recycle,Reuse We offer on-line Oil purificationplant for lubricating oil mainlyused in the turbines. Our range of Cyclonic Separatorsare most suitable for Coolant OilFiltration. Applications : Power Plant,Automobiles, Machine Tool,etcItem #: SFCT/OWSType: SeparatorsF.Oil-WaterSeparators/Air-WaterSeparators/Coalescers Our two-stage vertical coalescerseparator housings aremechanical devices designed tofilter solids and separate twoimmiscible liquids. Using first-stage coalescer cartridges andsecond stage separatorcartridges, provide the highestdegree of water and oilseparation. Air- Water Separatorautomatically removes 99% of allliquid and solid entrainmentparticles 10 microns in size orlarger from air, gas, and steamprocesses. And they do it with nomoving parts to wear out andwith no required maintenance.We have choice of separators formost applications that requireclean, dry air, gas or steam. 7. G. Advanced Membrane Filtration Technologies Micro Filtration / Ultra Filtration / Reverse Osmosis, MBR Membrane filtration used for theremoval of larger particles: microfiltration and ultra filtration.We provide modular systems with automatic For salts removal from water:backwashing.nano filtration and Reverse There are a number of cleaning techniques forOsmosis. the removal of membrane fouling: forward flushing, backwash flushing, air.Item #: SFCT/MFSflushing and chemical cleaning etc.Type: SeparatorsH. Pre-Coat Ceramic Vacuum Filters SFCT ceramic vacuum filter ishighly effective, energy savingfiltration equipment. It houses ceramic technology . Solid-Liquid Separation is boughtabout by the vacuum absorptionand capillary effect of ceramics. Microvac (vacuum degree-0.09~-0.098MPa), low mositure of Applications: Mine, Metallurgy,cake.Solid content of filtrate