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  • 1.SerendipityShot23&24May2013Designyour ownluck

2. SerendipityShot ? 3. SerendipityShot ?Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise": specifically, the accidentof finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. This is howmost significant innovations emerge. Serendipity is not random, you can learn todomesticate it.How can you leverage serendipity for your company ? What kind of environment,organization and culture will make happy accidents and pleasant surprises happen ?How do successful organizations deal with it ? This is what you will learn.Serendipity is not new but is becoming a crucial variable in our open world. Duringthese two days you will have the chance to experience total serendipity working atMutinerie, a leading coworking space and genuine serendipity accelerator. You willmeet with inspiring entrepreneurs and have top academics and consultants workingwith you through practical examples and theoretical analysis.We hope you will come back to the office a little bit changed. 4. Program 5. ProgramThursday 2309.00 09.30 Welcome breakfast09.30 10.30 Presentation of Mutinerie10.30 13.00 Free work time13.00 14.00 Face to face lunch with entrepreneurs14.00 16.00 Free work time16.00 18.00 Leverage Serendipity in your organization (Louis-David Benyayer, Without model)18.00 21.00 Free work timeFriday 2409.00 09.30 Welcome breakfast09.30 13.00 Free work time13.00 14.00 Lunch with the Serendipity team14.00 - 16.00 Creative clash : Bohemia vs Business (Sebastian Olma & Yulia Kryazheva,Serendipity Lab)16.00 18.00 Free work time18.00 19.30 Press conference19.30 21.00 Afterparty 6. Where? 7. MutinerieThree brothers and a playground friend whove sailed the seven seas and decided, oneday of September 2010, to start Mutinerie an emblematic Parisian coworking space thataims to provide independent workers and entrepreneurs with a place to work, meet, andexchange ideas.Coworking spaceHalfway between home, office and cafe, a coworking space is a place of work andexchange that attracts those who have chosen independence, flexibility and adventure intheir professional lives. Entrepreneur, developer, web designer, consultant, journalist,blogger, artist, architect, researcher, student ... there are coworkers of all kinds, theyshare a satiety of working from home, the desire to meet new people and the need offreedom.Exploring new way of working and value creationMutinerie evolves in an enthusiastic, creative and challenging ecosystem at the turn ofnew trends ( P2P, social entrepreneurship, the collaboration economy, open source,open innovation, do it yourself). 8. Who? 9. Friday 24 , 14h00Creative clash: Bohemia vs Business (english speaking workshop)An intensive two hours brainstorm session with digital bohemians and businesspeople, moving deep into a constructive clash of Digital Bohemian vs Business Men.The goal is to identify the forces that drive each side and see how they can eventuallywork together/profit from each other - and thus develop prototypes of platforms onwhich they can interlink. Inspiration, challenges and examples of serendipity fromthese two days at Mutinerie will provide us the necessary reality check and create aground for discussion.Sebastian OlmaPhD, an international scholar and expert working at the interfacebetween creativity and business. He was trained at a philosopherand organizational economist in Germany, New York, London. HisAmsterdam based company The Think Tank connectsgovernments, companies and organizations to the innovativepotential of social networks. With Yulia Kryazheva, designthinking expert, he has founded Serendipity Lab, supportingcompanies and public organizations to transform themselves intoSerendipity Machines. 10. Thursday 23 , 16h00Leverage Serendipity in your organizationSome companies and teams perform particularly well when it comes to fosterunexpected encounters, others dont. What lessons can we learn from both: Why entering those practices for which (apparently) no ROI can be calculated? How does it work in practice? What are the main results achieved through these initiatives?Through an analysis of a series of cases from large and small organizations, theworkshop will be focused first on assessing the participants organization ability toleverage serendipity and second on identifying the relevant practices to experiment.Louis-David BenyayerPassionate about innovation, strategy, business models andentrepreneurship, Louis-David began with consultancy. Then hecreated several companies and he participated in recovering acompany in liquidation. Graduated from ESCP Europe, he has aPhD in strategy, teaches at various Business Schools andparticipates in several research projects. He has co-foundedWithout Model whose mission is to contribute in spreading open,collaborative and responsible business models. 11. Thursday 23, 13h00 14h00You will enjoy face to face lunches withinspiring entrepreneurs working onprojects related to your companybusiness. A great chance to have acasual and genuine talk aboutinnovation, value creation and newbusiness models. An exchangenurturing both parties and openingdoorsLunchwithentrepreneurs 12. Masha Kosobokova, Mutinerie - project [email protected] 63 37 32 99InfoAntoine van den Broek, Mutinerie - [email protected] 58 16 18 8929 rue de Meaux - 75019 750HT* two breakfasts, two lunchs and one coctail included