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  • 1. WHO ISSENTIS?Sentis is a global business dedicated to creating sustainableorganisational change. We solve our clients most critical businesschallenges by applying neuroscience and psychology to enhancesafety, wellbeing, leadership and organisational performance.
  • 2. At Sentis we believe that the brain is our most important change and performance tool. With this fundamental idea, Sentis partners with organisations to deliver high impact solutions and lasting change in safety, wellbeing, leadership and organisational performance areas.As a client centered team who is passionateabout what we do, we strive to create long-termpartnerships with our clients to achieve their For more information, visit www.sentis.netgoals. A highly successful global company, weknow what it takes to be world class. Our corevalues of Courage, Innovation, Professionalismand Integrity drive the way we work with ourclients and ensure we achieve results. Our statusas a Top 50 Best Places to Work ensures thatyou are working with the best and will allow you toexperience our unique and innovative approaches. Sentis Pty Ltd 2012. This document remains the intellectual property of Sentis Pty Ltd and is protected by copyright and registered trademarks.
  • 3. WE CAN COMETO EVERYCORNER OFTHE GLOBE& PARTNERWITH YOUSentis works with a variety of organisations in government and private sector acrossvarious industries. This includes mining, resources, aviation, construction, utilities, rail,fishing, health, education, oil and gas.
  • 4. At any one time, we are working in Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Whether it is on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or an office building in the city centre, we have significant experience working with clients locally and in remote locations. We also provide online services utilising a range of interactive technologies. over 60,000We have delivered our services to For more information, visit www.sentis.netindividuals in 22 countries and five languages.These services have been focussed on initiatives in safety, health andwellbeing, organisational development and leadership performance. Sentis Pty Ltd 2012. This document remains the intellectual property of Sentis Pty Ltd and is protected by copyright and registered trademarks.
  • 5. OURAPPROACHOur team of vastly qualified psychologists, safety, leadership, change and organisationalperformance specialists understand the neuroscience and psychology behind creatingsustainable change and improved business results.This expertise is combined with an impressive depth and breadth of practical andrelevant experience.Our team is able to push the boundaries of conventional approaches to safety,wellbeing, leadership and organisational challenges to provide meaningful solutions.
  • 6. distinct In delivering our services, we apply a structured best-practice methodology which aligns with scientifically validated change management principles. Depending on the unique nature of what our clients want to achieve, and thus adapted as required, we will work stages through three distinct stages: PREPARATION IMPLEMENTATION MAINTENANCE Based on the consultation, We work closely with diagnosis and assessment clients in the long term to For more information, visit phase, we deliver a ensure training transfer and CONSULTATION DIAGNOSIS & customised solution the practical and ongoing Understanding your requirements ASSESSMENT through a range of application of the and planning a customised solution Specialist Research programs and intervention and to create Team who provides: specialist services sustainable change Diagnostics and Assessment Change and ROI measurement Sentis Pty Ltd 2012. This document remains the intellectual property of Sentis Pty Ltd and is protected by copyright and registered trademarks.
  • 7. TAKE YOURLEADERSHIP ANDORGANISATIONSEFFECTIVENESSTO INFINITY &BEYONDApollo is Sentis Leadership and Organisational Performance division. We apply cutting edgeneuroscience and psychology to create sustainable change and enhance the performance of leaders,teams and organisations.
  • 8. Leadership Performance Services PREPARATION - DIAGNOSIS & IMPLEMENTATION - PROGRAMS & MAINTENANCE - SUSTAINED ASSESSMENT SPECIALIST SERVICES LEARNING & APPLICATION Our research based, state-of-the art EXECUTIVE PERFORMANCE PROGRAM To support the Diagnosis & and powerful assessment tools are Just like in the 1980s Tetris video game, Assessment and Implementation utilised to guide the learning and executive leaders are constantly juggling phases, we provide a range of growth process for each leader and change and challenges in an evolving services to ensure practical leader teams. All of our leadership business environment. Our Executive implementation and sustained diagnosis and assessment tools are Performance Program builds the capacity change in the workplace. accompanied by practical reporting of executive and senior leaders to flourish This includes: and leadership coaching. in the face of adversity and lead