See it. Control it. Protect it. The inside story of how it happened

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Back in 2013, we were delighted to pick up two awards for Kaspersky’s ‘See it, control it, protect it’ campaign. It was then a great opportunity to present this, with Kaspersky, at the B2B Marketing Summit 2014. The campaign is a full on global B2B marketing campaign for Kaspersky Lab. Over 40 countries, 26 languages, over 1,000 assets per campaign wave. In short, quite a big beast.

Text of See it. Control it. Protect it. The inside story of how it happened

  • 1.Context Intros The challenge we faced Overcoming the challenges A walkthrough the campaign itself The results 5 top tips to take away

2. Setting the scene Who is Kaspersky Lab? 4th largest IT security company in the world, and fastest growing Only large non-US company Reputation in the IT community for robust expertise These guys really love tackling the bad stuff 3. Setting the scene The challenge Major new global product launch Were betting the farm on this Repositioning from just AV to broader solutions partner Growing recognition internally: B2B is a strategic priority Plus: Loads of leads please! Ps: Very quickly. 4. Why does most Global B2B Marketing fail? Global imposing campaigns on local regions Lowest common denominator approach Not globally fit for purpose Get push back from regions. Not invented here. Global turf war. Dont offend anyone leads to Brand camouflage Quite simply, an epic fail. 5. Overcoming the challenges Internal engagement (not just internal comms) Leverage a universal behavioural need Military planning 6. Internal engagement Board level endorsement Link to strategic business objectives Aligned to brand direction Show the money, not the pictures 7. Internal engagement: meet Jeroen A team of 1 Handling consumer and business Some local agency support Used to DIY Tactically focused 8. What did we do? Make it easy for him: simple re-usable campaign assets Change his mind Help him out Keep talking Involvement from the start: inputs requested Feedback requested throughout the dev process Readiness toolkit Budget planner helping maximise local execution impact Sales enablement & training, including partners Weekly cross-region campaign calls Regional roadshows and townhalls Sharing success bi- weekly global reporting Spend marketing budget on execution, NOT coming up with new campaigns 9. In other words: come up with a good idea Leverage a universal behavioural need 10. What does our audience care about? Control Power Knowledge Superiority And World of Warcraft (probably) 11. Losses hurt more than gains feel good We feel losses twice as much as comparable gains So if we can visualise a potential loss, then are more inclined to act (Source: Prospect Theory, Kahnemann and Tversky) 43 61 57 39 S CE NARIO A S CE NARIO B Gamble No Gamble You have 100 Scenario A: - Keep 60 -50/50 chance keep/lose 100 Scenario B - Lose 40 - 50/50 chance keep/lose all 100 Leverage a universal behavioural need 12. Bring this together Personal need: CONTROL Business need: LOSS AVERSION + 13. Leverage a universal behavioural need 14. It all starts with a great brief 15. What does one look like? This.? Brief 1: Please paint the ceiling Brief 2: Please paint the ceiling using red, yellow and green Brief 3: Weve got terrible problems with cracks in the ceiling. Could you please cover it up for us? Brief 4: Please paint biblical scenes on the ceiling, incorporating some or all of the following: God, Adam, Cupid, devils and saints 16. What does one look like? This.? Brief Please paint our ceiling for the greater glory of God as an inspiration and a lesson to his people. Let it be something that inspires awe and humility. Let it be something that is remembered by everyone that casts eyes on it. 17. Not this 18. But this 3 day immersion workshop on the messaging Detailed brief with dos and do nots Delivered well in advance + face to face briefing and Q&A Almost daily comms around WIP, thoughts, questions etc 19. Military planning Resourcing plan headcount, finances (creation vs rollout) Reverse timeline (global) Individual regional timelines Daily calls 20. Reverse timeline 21. Daily activity plan with RAG status 22. Global and regional bill of materials 23. Campaign walkthrough 24. Campaign walkthrough: quarterly themes 1 2 3 4 Global delivery Regional delivery Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Feb 2013 April 2013 April 2013 July 2013 July 2013 Oct 2013 25. Overall structure Campaign quarterly themes Content Premium content Supporting campaign content Product marketing content Outreach Advertising (on and offline) Direct marketing Events Social media 26. Mapping content against the buying cycle 27. Levels of content PremiumSupportingProduct 28. Content repurposing 29. Content landmarks Live broadcast thought leadership event unique in the sector Major stake in the ground for Kaspersky shows intent 30. Content landmarks Hugely popular across regions Proved our assumption that many small businesses are still at security 1st base Big lead generator 31. And then it took off Thailand launch Indonesia Singapore 32. Outreach: engaging the channel Channel toolkit 33. And, a bit of fun 34. Measurement and results The numbers: Successful delivery 40 countries, 18 languages. ON TIME. 27,170 BANT qualified leads 3,000 sales opportunities $42m pipeline in 1st 12 months Plus: 35. Top 5 tips Plan. Plan. Plan. Messaging its the anchor. And make sure the right people are involved. The brief. Think Sistine Chapel. Internal engagement has to be face to face Plan. (Just in case you missed the point.)