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hi , in this document i give complete details about all kind of google seo assistance and tools, please refer it and you will get cleared all kind of doubts.

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  • HOW TO MAKE OUR WEBSITES FRIENDLY WITH GOOGLE Checking indexity: Go to Google and type site: your site) Main theme of our on page website should be: 1. Page speed 85+ 2. Good url 3. Blog name 4. User friendliness 5. Navigation friendly 6. XML- for search engine 7. HTML- for users Keyword density: The key word density of a site should be 3 to 4 words per 100 words Robotxt: It is application used by google to automatically crawl on a website. General application of google: 1. To find whether a site is penalized by google or not we should check by comparing with the previous days or previous weeks traffic. 2.for an image alltext should be entered through which google read the image , and also the blind people identify by braille. 3.structural data should be perfect such as slides , rating, like option, markupcode scema etc No follow and do follow:
  • 1.we paste a link in some other sites and if we mark the site as no follow, then if we receive traffic through that site google will not take that in account, and if the link is bad link also google will not penalize that site. 2. do follow same thing opposite, we mark to follow our site and take in our account of traffic Meta data: It is shown by pressing ctrl+u in a specific site , it shows the data which the search engine reads. If the search engine google goes to home of the site and then blog to post and if it finds there is no page or no content then it will never crawl that specific page. Canonical issue: Canonical issue is of duplicate pages, if by chance your site 2 page same content and different urls but you can't redirect it so their using canonical tag. Canonical tag using in head section on your site. You can also direct the site to 301 directories Google algorithm: 1. panda 2. penguin 3. Humming bird 1. Panda It is the content based penalty if we copy a duplicate content , then it will be penalized by Google.
  • 2. Penguin Link based penalty. Internal link: inside the website itself Inbound link: back links External link: from one website to other website Mainly penalized based on bad link 3.humming bird:
  • Key word supportive , gives the correct location for the search. Its newly optimized by google. Google free packages: 1. Webmaster tool for checking the technical issue 2. Analytics traffic on that site , time spend by the customer 3. Adwords key words 4. Crawler- not a free one . to check to google crawling on our site Bounce rate: It means the minimum time spend by the customer when he enters in to the site
  • Link juice : Links play a large role in determining a site or page's position in the Google search results. Juice flows from these links and the more 'juicy' your page is the better it ranks and the more juice it can in turn pass on to other websites Web audit: Site audits are, in the simplest terms, when you pay someone to forensically examine your site with tools and their eyes utilizing their knowledge and expertise to tell you what is good and what is not so good about your site (or as we say where you have challenges and opportunities Thanks.