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Sash windows

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  • 1. Sash WindowsWindows that are made in the form of one or more movable panels that form a frame tohold glass panes and are separated by other glass panes by narrow strips of wood arereferred to as sash windows. The movable panels are called sashes that generally slidehorizontally or vertically. This is one of the oldest window formats that have been broughtinto use since a long time. One of the oldest surviving examples of it can be found inEngland in the Ham house.This type of window can offer the maximum ventilation facility as one-half of the totalwindows can be opened regardless of the type of sliding it follows. The sash that can beopened in the vertical way consists of two sash forms- upper sash and lower sash. In caseof horizontal ones, they just consist of a sash that can be moved in the horizontal directiononly in order to close and open.Sash windows comes with different sliding materials that give it a more elegant look thenormal designs include sliding timber windows or aluminum windows. Although the timberones are the oldest ones that are still being used, aluminum ones are the latest ones andare more favored these days due to their classy look and style.

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