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When your company is fast-growing, it's important to hire quickly, while hiring well. Here's what you can do to get the best candidates.

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Company update 9/1/14 copy

Hire Like a Boss !

Hiring strategies from Hire with your Head

There is nothing more important to your success than hiring great people! Nothing

Part 1 - Performance Profiles!

Part 2 - Interviewing!

Part 3 - Closing

Part 1 - Performance ProfilesIf you want to hire superior people, first define

superior performance.

Performance Profiles are not a job description listing skills, duties, required experiences, and

responsibilities. !!

Instead, they describe what the person taking the job needs to do to be successful.

Traditional Job DescriptionThe Person !

1. BS degree 2. 2-4 years experience on-quota 3. Industry background required 4. Product knowledge essential 5. Strong interpersonal skills 6. Good solution selling skills

Performance Profile

The Job !

1. Have a confident demo flow in 10 days 2. Achieve quota in 2nd FT month 2. Conduct 10x demos / week 3. Align buyer objectives to our solution 4. Manage multiple prospects at a time 5. Log all activities in CRM

Convert Having to Doing

Why does this matter?

1. The best candidates explore and accept jobs based on what theyll be doing, not what they have!

2. Provides a simple means to get everyone on the interviewing team to agree to the job requirements!

3. Makes assessing candidate competency much easier!

Why does this matter?1. Clarifying expectations upfront has been shown to

be the number one reason for high job satisfaction and increased personal motivation.!

2. Can be used for training, personal development, and performance appraisals after the person starts.!

3. Will be the basis for your interview process!!

1. Determine the top six performance objectives in general terms.!

2. Ask, What do the best people in this job do differently than the average person?!

3. Use action verbs like create, build, change, improve, establish, develop, design, analyze, identify, prepare, conduct, and lead

How do I create a performance profile?

How do I create a performance profile?1. Have a compelling title thats quickly seen on

the long listings of open opportunities. HR Wizard Required is much more effective than HR Director!

2. Write copy thats focused on what the candidate will learn, do, and become. Use your HR magic to rebuild in only six months a department thats endured six years of neglect!

Part 2 - InterviewingAccurate interviewing is about peeling the onion and digging deep into an accomplishment, not asking a bunch of clever questions.

The difference between good answers and bad hiring decisions lies with


The 2 Question Interview

Question 1 (MSA)

Of all of the things youve accomplished in your career, what stands out as most

significant? Now could you go ahead and tell me all about it?

Fact-Finding Questions Follow ups: Clarifying Major Accomplishments!


1. What were the three or four big challenges you had to overcome?!

2. What were the actual results obtained?!3. How did you personally grow or change as a result of

this effort? !4. What did you like the most and least? In retrospect,

what would you do differently if you could?

Fact-Finding Questions Follow ups: Clarifying Major Accomplishments!


1. What was the situation you faced when you took on the project? !

2. Why were you chosen for this role? !3. Did you volunteer? Why? What was your actual title? !4. Who were the people on the team? What was your

supervisors title?

1. For entry-level positions: Can you please describe a project or task you were involved in that made you quite proud, or where you really exceeded expectations?!

2. For team skills: Can you please describe a major team accomplishment you believe represents a great example of you leading, building, or working on a team? !

3. or job-related accomplishments: One important project for us is ____________ Can you please describe something youve been involved with thats most comparable?

Question 2 (Visualization)!!

If you were to get this job, how would you go about solving _______ [describe a typical problem]?

The visualization process is less like an interview and more like a real working session.!!

1. As you know, were looking for a __________[position]. Let me give you a quick overview of the importance of this position. [Give a two-minute overview of the position and the company.] Tell me how your background has prepared you for this type of important position.!

2. One of our key objectives for the person selected for this position is ________ [describe objective]. Can you please tell me about something youve accomplished thats most similar?!


1. Hold back on first impressions for the first 15 minutes!2. Specific examples > generalities. Can you give me a

specific example describing what you mean?!3. Dont oversell or underlisten. Ask questions instead!4. Ask the candidate if the accomplishments were related to

some major personal goal!5. If a candidate wants to be promoted, ask her what shes

doing to improve herself to get ready

Part 3 - ClosingThe best people rarely take the job for the money; they take it for the opportunity to meet their personal life plans, ambitions, and goals.

OFFER CAREERS, NOT JOBS!The top-five criteria that top people use when

deciding to accept an offer

1. The job match!2. The hiring manager!3. The quality of the team!4. The company !5. The compensation package!

30% PLUS Solution = Job Stretch + Job Growth + $$ Increase + Managers Total Involvement

Differentiating the jobis how you beat out the competition.

Someone else will always be able to offer more money

Although were seeing some other fine candidates, Im very

impressed with your background. What are your

thoughts now about this position?

Hiring good people is hard. Hiring great people is brutally hard. And yet nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field.

- Jack Welch, CEO of GE