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  1. 1. Download the free ebook at
  2. 2. Zorian Rotenberg Vice President of Sales and Marketing at InsightSquared You need a service level agreement, an SLA, between marketing and sales. And when I say an SLA I mean people literally should write it out and draw a line in the sand. Download the free ebook at
  3. 3. Jeanne Hopkins Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer at Continuum I can guarantee you that there is not a CEO on the planet that cares. What they want to know is: How much revenue have you brought in? Download the free ebook at
  4. 4. Scott Brinker Co-founder and CTO of ion interactive While I encourage marketers to take advantage of data, I also caution them that most data is only partial truth. Data can be deceptive. Download the free ebook at
  5. 5. Jill Rowley Founder and Chief Evangelist at The modern sales professional is actually a mini-marketer. Download the free ebook at
  6. 6. Jamie Scheu Vice President, Associate Director of Content at Hill Holliday Content is special because people choose to seek it out. Its not marketing messages that seek them out. Download the free ebook at
  7. 7. Ann Handley Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs Would your customers thank you for that content? Download the free ebook at
  8. 8. Mike Volpe Chief Marketing Officer of HubSpot Inbound marketing is about getting found online through engaging content and delighting customers with a personalized, and ultimately more human, experience. Download the free ebook at
  9. 9. Bob Johnson Vice President and Principal Analyst at IDG Connect You need to get sales involved right up front when setting up your strategy to see what they need, use, like and dont like, and whats taking their time. Download the free ebook at
  10. 10. Nigel Edelshain Director of Marketing & Digital Media at Wainscot Media We have this profession that isnt really a profession, or doesnt get treated like a profession. Download the free ebook at
  11. 11. Dave Krupinski Co-founder and CTO at Someone looking for child care and someone looking for senior care are going to be different. And theyre going to come to our site with a very different frame of mind. Download the free ebook at
  12. 12. revenue + associates helps companies significantly increase revenue through measurable improvements in sales and marketing Conversations with Modern Sales and Marketing Leaders Copyright 2014, all rights reserved Download the free ebook at