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  1. 1.
  2. 2. I love Rocket Moms because the weekly assignments keep me on track. I am constantly creating in an orderly manner. Joan
  3. 3. I love being part of Rocketmoms,sharing and growing with an amazing insightful group of women! Shelley
  4. 4. RocketMoms helps me make better lenses and meet great people! Brooke
  5. 5. RocketMoms is a great place to learn, meet some great moms and expand your horizions. Wilma
  6. 6. Rocket Mom's really keeps me actively learning about ways to increase my online presence, not only through Squidoo but many other avenues as well. Christina
  7. 7. I love the Rocket Moms community and the inspiration to create lenses I wouldnt have thought of otherwise! Leanne
  8. 8. RocketMoms is an invite-onlygathering of the smartest women on the web, working together to make Squidoo lenses and a whole lot more.
  9. 9. "RocketMoms encourages us to grow as writers through friendly support."Rhonda
  10. 10. Paige Rocketmoms expanded my Squidoo community of friends and helped me achieve what I thought was unachievable.
  11. 11. RocketMoms has given me a kick in the tush to create 100% better lenses! Bev
  12. 12. Networking, making new friends, learning new things. Rocket Moms Rocks! Dianne
  13. 13. RocketMoms is an inspiring, web-savvy, creative group of Moms that I am proud to be part of! Carmen
  14. 14. I've learnt so much from the other RMs, their encouragement & inspiration has boosted me to findniches I care deeply about - AIDS, Children, Orphans - I have the platform now and RM Superpowers to rally the causes! Donnette
  15. 15. Rocketmoms bring me friends around the world and a sense of community within the internet marketers. Tuula
  16. 16. Each session, theRocketMomsare challenged to create 8 web pages (called lenses) on various topics. TheRocketMomsthen critique these lenses, lend support and help each other improve and promote their work. It's a challenge, a community, a classroom and a hobby. It's also an awful lot of fun!
  17. 17. RocketMoms helped me find the expert within. Linda
  18. 18. I am having a blast with The RocketMoms and love the assignments that make me think outside the box.The Party Animal
  19. 19. RocketMoms got me going on Squidoo. Before, I was languishing... Heather
  20. 20. New friends bursting with energy, great ideas and good advice. Victoria
  21. 21. Simply put it's a great group of women that ROCK! Tasha
  22. 22. RocketMoms is a fantastic learning experience. Sandy
  23. 23. Rocketmoms are caring and generous with their time, knowledge and friendship, that is why I love them. Leah
  24. 24. RocketMoms are committed to raising the bar.
  25. 25. RocketMoms keeps me focused and on task. Lizzy Jean
  26. 26. "Daily inspiration is doing wonderful things for my older neglected lenses. Claudia
  27. 27. Great conversations with Great women! Smartest on the Web!!! Beth
  28. 28. RocketMoms exchange ideas, support each other and create friendships. Shannon
  29. 29. I love RocketMoms because it is such a helpful and friendly community. I also like the weekly assignments because they make me think about subjects for lenses I would not have thought of. Ulla
  30. 30. Rocketmoms has helped me maximize my lens potential. Jessica
  31. 31. I love RocketMoms because of the challenges, the other supportive RocketMoms and the education. Cynthia
  32. 32. Rocket Moms = Friends Helping Friends With Squidoo. Sherry
  33. 33. RocketMoms have created over 1,000 quality lenses.
  34. 34. Rocketmoms is fantastic!! It's part school, and a whole lot family! Janiece
  35. 35. RocketMoms challenges my writing skills with new ideas to write about. Bev
  36. 36. Endless possibilities of learning every lesson is a nugget of knowledge. Thesa
  37. 37. I love Rocket Moms because I learn new ways of doing things on Squidoo and Im also challenged to write about topics I never would consider usually. Stazjia
  38. 38. We receive community, support and a chance to contribute. Kara
  39. 39. Learning so much about making lenses and love that I'm learning this with RocketMOMS! Staci
  40. 40. Rocket Moms help each other to be their best! Mary Beth
  41. 41. R egardlesso f c hallengesk indness e xcitement t oM otivate o ur m oms s hines! Correen
  42. 42. RocketMoms is a structured program that teaches moms how to create lenses that earn royalties for themselves or charity.
  43. 43. Rocketmoms offers support and encouragement in a warm, friendly environment. Karen
  44. 44. Rocket Moms offers new knowledge, friendship with great women and challenges to learn. Carol
  45. 45. What I love most about RocketMoms is being a part of an amazing sisterhood of kindred spirits. Bambi
  46. 46. Mom's playground is called... RocketMoms! Michelle
  47. 47. RocketMoms - real and rockin'! Kim
  48. 48. I liked the Rocket Mom school because I was taught to think in new paths and found out about new modules. I also think I need that kick in my butt to do a lens! irenemaria
  49. 49. If you are interested in becoming a RocketMom please e-mail me at[email_address] -Bonnie,RocketMoms Organizer
  50. 50. Squidoo is recommendation passion lenses inspiration free friends community charity hobbies royalties YOU