Rochester Castle Fieldtrip

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Text of Rochester Castle Fieldtrip

  • 1.Rochester Castle Fieldtrip. The photos you took.

2. Ditch.

  • The ditch protects the walls from attack.
  • During the medieval period they were deeper.

3. Curtain Walls.

  • Notice the merlons and crenels in the walls.
  • Notice also the different types of rock and brick in the construction of the wall.
  • Refer to your field work notes here.

4. Wall towers.

  • The imposing approach to the castle.
  • Notice the batter on the tower.
  • This is a flanking tower.

5. Round wall tower.

  • This tower was rebuilt after the siege of 1215.
  • It is round to protect against trebuchet and undermining attacks.

6. The outside of the Keep.

  • Notice the seperation between the stairs and the door.
  • The door is high up to aid defence.
  • What is the use of a fore building?

7. Inside the Keep.

  • Notice the central wall that divides the keep.
  • This is an extra defensive feature.
  • Notice how thick the walls are

8. Control of river.

  • The location of the castle uses the river in two ways.
  • Firstly as a means of defence.
  • Secondly it is used to control the bridge.