Researching Avatars Aleks Krotoski University of Surrey, Guildford vBusiness Expo, Second Life 26 April 2008

Researching Avatars

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from the VBusiness Expo on 26 April 2008. An overview of the different approaches and challenges to researching online identity in social virtual worlds and online games

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Researching Avatars

Aleks KrotoskiUniversity of Surrey, Guildford

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vBusiness Expo, Second Life 26 April 2008

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• Marketing– Who are your current customers and

what makes them happy?– Who are your potential customers and

what will convert them?

• Research– What can we learn about the offline

from the online?

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Research Methods

• Qualitative– Interviews– Focus groups– surveys

• Quantitative– Network analysis– Data tracking

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Qualitative Analysis

• Design• Doing the deed

– Takes longer than you think

• Getting the results– Text-based– Voice-based

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Quantitative Analysis

• Design• Doing the deed

– Data capture

• Getting the results– Largesse multiplied by largesse

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Online vs Offline

• How’s it the same?• How’s it different?

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• Social Networking across the metaverse

• Rewarding good deeds

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• Welcome to the gift economy• Invest in the community

• Trust is the most important currency online

• Remember the human behind the avatar

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