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Relevance, relevance, relevance! A call to arms (hands, fingers and thumbs) for mobile research

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Relevance, relevance, relevance! A call to arms (hands, fingers and thumbs) for mobile research Darren Mark Noyce - Managing Director, Global Insights – SKOPOSDiscussing the last decade of mobile methods: what are the successes and failures? Determining where we are now given history and moment. What is next for mobile: why is relevance the key driver and why now is the time for mobile.

Text of Relevance, relevance, relevance! A call to arms (hands, fingers and thumbs) for mobile research

  • 1.Relevance, relevance, relevance!A call to arms (hands, fingers & thumbs) for mobile research2nd International Conference on Market Research in the Mobile WorldJuly 2011Darren Mark Noyce MMRS MCIMFounder & Managing DirectorSKOPOS market insight - Europe (London)

2. Prologue: Mobile is RelevanceIf you dont have a mobile strategy, then you dont have a strategy". -Eric Schmidt, GoogleRelevant adj.Bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand. 2 3. Any method is best when relevant...To the audienceTo the topicTo the client3 4. Summary: Arms, Hands, Fingers & Thumbs 4 5. The past : mobile given the elbow.Lacked research utility user relevanceSKOPOS review 2003, concluded with:High Data costsTechnical DifficultiesVoice/ SMS usage ruledVirtually zero content consumption/commerce5 6. Is this dawn or just a long night?SalesOf agencies usemobileThe issue for me is its only suitable 7% for asking one or two questions,whereas we tend to want to uselonger surveys. Dee Knott, Insight Manager I have reservations over privacy, and moreover robustness and reliability but I can see potential indeed my concerns may93%be overcome once I have more experience of this as a method for delivering true insight (rather than just data). Paul Hardcastle, Head of Consumer Research and InsightsSource: Meaning Research 2010 6 7. Clients: a gradual awakening to mobile?I have reservations over privacy, and moreoverrobustness and reliability but I can seepotential indeed my concerns may beovercome once I have more experience of this asa method for delivering true insight (rather thanjust data). July 2009Paul HardcastleHead of Consumer Research and InsightsI have seen this method of research collectionbeing applied across the industry and now havea lot more exposure to it. Regarding therobustness/reliability of respondents answersvia mobile, I still have some reservations but I dosee mobiles advantages now. The method willmature over time and it is something we arestarting to consider using here at Yahoo! Feb 20117 8. The present (1): Now, Mobile is Handy8 9. Virtually Everyone Has a Mobile76%Mobile subscription within world populationSource: InternationalTelecommunication Union Reaches themost difficult ofgeographies andsituationsSource: Market Research GlobalAlliance9 10. & Of course, Its Anytime, Anyplace, AnywhereWhen people leave home, they take 3 things with them, their wallet, keys and mobile phone Mobiles Are wallets Numbers are addresses & increasingly anything !Source: Jan Chipchase 10 11. The present (2): Smartphones, Apps & TapTap11 12. The mobile web is taking off (at last) Smartphones are helping Traffic from mobile devices such as Smartphones hasincreased 5x in the past two years Source: ExactTarget 12 13. m-commerce growth 12% have paid/ordered using mobile Have bought online 95% Have ordered something6%SKOPOS MTrack TM via social network sites 1006 UK Active Digital Society13 14. eBay proves viability of the mobile channel...and others are catching on 190Countries 30m+ $2bnDownloadsMobile salesChanged title from Paypal payment apps to faciliate flow. The phraseyoure on the go, so now were on the go just jumps out, and here Pizza14Express is doing everything to go mobile. Paypal is def a catalyst. 15. PayPal Payment Apps... 15 16. Social is Going Mobile 30%Mobile owners already accesssocial networks via mobile (UK)If I had to guess socialcommerce is the next area to really blow up Mark Zuckerberg, August 23rd 2010 16 17. The Future: Mobile gets Thumbs Up17 18. Clients see Utility & RelevanceMobile-based research is increasinglyrelevant.So, from our point of view itsOf course, the head of Google is saying that 1/. Partly about reaching customers whomobile is the future (as a media, advertising, are using our products on mobile platforms,information and commercial platform).using those platforms for soliciting participation in research, and using the platforms to deliverAnd at News International were working on the surveys.precisely this. The publishing world hasbecome absorbed with apps, and here2/. But it is also about declining response ratesweve just launched (end June) our new and research engagement generally,Times/Sunday Times smartphone app, so we have to adapt to reaching ouralongside our iPad app.audience in smarter ways.David Howells, Manager, Insight, News International(The Times/Sunday Times), June 201118 19. Lack of knowledge and experience often drives rejectionAcceptance/Likelihood to use in future 33% 29%46%Phones withPhones that send deals/ Phones with Bar-Codevoice operated applicationsdiscounts dependent on location scanning to source best prices 26% 16%9%Phones thatPhones that Phones thatmeasure heart-rate know your moodgive out smells TM SKOPOS MTrack 1006 UK Active Digital Society 19 20. .. But increased engagement drives MR acceptanceWould consider completing a mobile survey in future travel m-74% m-gamblers 78% researchersUK active digital society 40%SKOPOS MTrackTM m-shoppers 81% m-bookreaders 82%506 UK Active Digital Society20 21. New & Enriched Insights: Fusion & LinkageMulti-mode, more & more... Response richness Participants take notes, photos Participant engagement and videos of relevant itemsduring their day Photos and key details areautomatically uploaded to an online diary21 22. Enriched insights: Geographical triangulation Geo-location based responses Additionally, the technology now exists to physically trackthe shopper journey (in & out of store) - via the mobile 22 23. The 5 Rs that drive mobile research... Audiences Topic Relevance ClientRelevanceRelevance Photos 2 x mobiles as PCs Videos RichnessReach No location restrictions Diaries All ages Apps Always with you Really Response Speed 95% txts arr in 10 secs Un-fixed location handy& Real-Time 94% of txts are read Familiar(v 25% email) 23 24. Any method is best when relevant...To the audienceTo the topicTo the client24 25. Relevance will propel mobile ClientThe rise of acceptance &m-commerceportals-Clients mobileawakeningRelevance -Apps as an entrypoint M-web proliferation ReachIncreasedRichnessdigitalReal-timeengagement Really handy25 26. In short: Arms, Hands, Fingers & Thumbs Up!26 27. Presented at: Market Research in the Mobile World2nd International Conference | July 19 & 20, 2011 AtlantaOrganized by:Thank you to sponsors:LinkedIn Group: Mobile MRUpcoming Merlien Events: Merlien.orgGreenBook Directory: GreenBook.orgMarket Research Blog: New Qual Blog & Directory: NewQualitative.orgGet Inspired. Stay Informed. Cut Through the Clutter. Sign up for our free email newsletter

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