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<ol><li> 1. Quiz Magic Academy Cosplay In the Magic Academy, according to the outstanding students of the Philosopher's Stone was awarded the number of individuals and classes to determine the results. Rukia classes due to frequent failure because of magic lead to disaster, so that class to get the number of the Philosopher's Stone in the final one. Therefore, the class teacher Emily Asian teacher intends Garden Festival main activities - [class match against Magic General] to get better, in order to obtain a large number of the Philosopher's Stone and elution stigma, but ...... Click here:http://www.yescosplay.com/quiz-magic-academy-cosplay_c_659065/ We will provide you best cosplay products and wonderful customer service. Hottest Street Fighter Chun Li Yellow Fighting Game Cosplay Costume is your best choice! Shop now, we'll make your dream come true! </li></ol>