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Enlightenment about the Qbule , India Presentation. Investments , Earn Money , Part-time , Online-marketing , Work from Home Siby Varghese.8586900863.9250900863 [email protected]

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  • 1. Qbule & Legalities for India QBULE has committed to abide by the rules and regulations of the indian government before selling its products and services in india. QBULE work with International Financial Organisation affiliated to the four largest International banks in the world

2. Partnering is a great way of creating successful business model. Qbule is as much a community as it is a network. We provide stand-up, standout Advertisers, Publishers and agency the access, infrastructure and expertise they need to engage consumers with compelling and relevant performance-based offers. 3. Sr. No.Product PackagesCostPVINR1Assisted Silver$1255062502Silver$250100125003Gold$495200247504Platinum$99040049500Publishers can opt for upgradation to the higher package by paying difference amount or may request company to deduct up-gradation amount from their incentives.Up-gradation from Assisted Silver Publisher to Silver Publisher is mandatory whereas rest up-gradations are optional.Deduction percentile for up-gradation can be chosen and modified from Publisher Admin Office. 4. $30 FREEWork From Home $125Rs.6250$250Rs.12500QBULE12345QBULE12345$495Rs.24750$990 Rs.49500 5. WFH ACTIVE INCENTIVEWeekly IncentiveMonthly Incentive (4 5 weeks)Yearly Incentive (52 weeks)Publisher RankService offeredAssisted SilverAssisted Silver Box$8$32 - $40$416SilverSilver Box$20$80 - $100$1040GoldGold Box$45$180 - $225$2340PlatinumPlatinum Box$100$400 - $500$5200WFH PASSIVE INCENTIVE 6. NOTE: - The above table is just an example; your passive incentive will vary depending on the total no. of personally referred Publishers by you and your team, within seven levels 7. Three Types Of 8. Achieve 50 Pairs or more in a single day and earn 2% MOI for that particular day. Initial 50 pairs will get you one MOI point and thereafter every addition of 50 pairs will get one extra point. The following formulae is applied for Maxout Overshoot Incentive calculationExample: - Let us assume that total 100000 PV is generated in the Company in a particular day and total MOI points collected on that day by all Publishers are 10. The value of one MOI will be $200 as per the above formulae.100000 X 2% = $200 10 9. Affix - Publishership Incentives are earned when a Publisher in your team purchases additional Publisher Accounts also known as Affix-publisher accounts.Affix-Publisher Accounts are extra websites maintained and published by a Publisher on our Ad Server. Publishers who are willing to earn extra Work from Home incentives can purchase AffixPublisher accounts. Affix-Publisher accounts are added to the publisher account itself.A Publisher can purchase a maximum of 11 Affix-Publisher accounts. Publisher account loaded with 11 Affix-publisher accounts is known as a Premium Publisher account1. Premium Publisher Incentive 2. Residual Direct Referral Incentive3. Residual Team Incentive 10. Publisher Account YOU1Optional Affix-Publisher Accounts234567891011Earning Potential from all 12 Accounts (01 Publisher Account+ 11 Affix-Publisher Accounts) Weekly Incentive as a Premium Publisher - 12 x $ 100 = $ 1200 Yearly Incentive as a Premium Publisher - $ 1200 x 52= $ 62400 11. Residual Direct Referral Incentive20% of the AffixPublisher product PV value purchased by your personally referred Publishers 12. Additional Points Value (APV) for Residual Team Incentive is generated by your Left Team and Right team Publishers by purchasing Affix-publisher accounts on their Publisher accounts. Publisher and Affix-Publisher PVs are accounted separately for optimum benefits, such as double team incentive, double Rewards & Awards and higher MaxoutResidual Team Incentive is paid as per the following table.Example: - Let us assume that there are 1400 AGPV to your Left team and 900 AGPV to your Right Team on a particular day, your Residual Team Incentive for that day will be $160 and you will qualify to the Silver Director Level. The balance 600 AGPV of your stronger team (Left Team in this case) will be carried forward whereas 100 AGPV of weaker team (Right Team in above case) will be nullified. Daily Residual Team Incentive Maxout is $20480 13. These Reward and Recognition are based on the Residual Incentive Program. Each day when you earn Residual Team Incentive you also qualify for Rewards and RecognitionHit 10 times BronzeExotic Trip with TrainingHit 9 times Silver DirectorMacau tripHit 8 times Gold Director$1500 RewardHit 7 times Platinum DirectorAsia TourHit 6 times Diamond Director$ 6000 for small CarHit 5 times Star DirectorEurope TourHit 4 times Super Star Director$ 20000 for medium CarHit 3 times Mega Star Director$ 60000 for Luxury CarHit 2 times Crown Star Director$ 200000 Luxury VillaHit Chairman$1000000 cash Reward or Private Jet or Yacht 14. Platinum and above Publishers who personally refer ten or more Platinum Publishers within 30 days of their sign-up become Ambassador and will be shared 5% of the total Company PV turnover for one year or $ 50000 among Ambassadors, whichever is higher.AmbassadorPublishers who are not Platinum and are willing to become Ambassador can also personally refer ten or more Platinum within 30 days and upgrade themselves to platinum Publisher within stipulated time. 15. Convert your $1770 to $70010 in 24 month and thereafte r $4310 every month with our extraordina ry Magica l Wealth Formulae . Once the Magica l Wealth Formula is imple me nte d it will continue forever untill it is discontinue d.O n co m pl e t ion o f 1 2 m o nt h y o u w i l l g e t a n e x t r a bo nus o f $ 2 5 0 0 a nd t he r e af ter $ 5 0 0 e x t r a Bo nus e v e r y m o nt h. F o r de t a i ls pl e a se r e f e r t he m a g i ca l f o r m ul a e t a bl e 16. Advertisers Significant Global Reach High ROI For Advertisers Brand Protection Top-Tier Publisher Custom SolutionsPublishers International Network Brand-Name Advertisers Competitive Rates Yield Optimization On-Time Payment 17. We support you in expanding your Knowledge, Expertise and Personal growth, always keeping in mind that life outside the workplace is just as stimulating as work itself.At Qbule we are interested in strengthening your potential over the entire length of your career with us. This is why we have designed very simple steps for your success. Forget and leave all the worries to our team of experts and anjoy the opportunity with our unparalleled Affiliate Program. Just follow these simple steps and achieve unprecedented success Register with us. Choose your Package. Create your own website. Publish your website on our Ad-Server to become Publisher. Render offered Services and submit timely. Be a part of our Affiliate Program. Refer Advertisers and Agencies to earn Agency Bonus Refer new Punlishers to earn Direct Referral Incentive Teach,Motivate and Help your Referred Publishers to earn Passive Incentive, Indirect Referral Incentive and Rewards Apply Magical Wealth Formula to your Publisher Account and create magical wealth. Understand Magical Wealth Formula and teach the same to all your referred Affiliater. When your team Affiliates also apply Magical Wealth Formula Your Passive Incentive,Residual Team Incentive and Rewards will increase twelve times with the same size of network affiliates. 18. Email :- [email protected] Contact-08586900863,09250900863

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